Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog...

My little piano man. Just one of the many events in 2010 that I failed to blog.

I was taking a hard look at my blog yesterday. Looking at the archives I noticed something that bothered me a bit. My first full year of blogging I posted an impressive-to-me 224 times, the following year I fell to around half that amount, a less impressive, but not embarrassing 109 times. That is still averaging twice a week, so okay. However, in 2010 I only was able to form a complete thought long enough to post 57 times. I wish I could say I posted once a week, but it was more like 12 times one month and then silence for three months. I seem to be halving my blog time each year.

Which leads me to a decision. I mean, is there a point to blogging a mere 25 times in 2011? Because that is what is likely if I keep to my usual path. Either that or I need to change something up. Leave facebook maybe? Hmmm... So tempting.

I love the blogging community and I love to blog. I also very much enjoy being able to come here and see the things we've done as a family year to year. I really don't think I'm ready to end this, but am questioning why I share the random crafts and stuff that I do, and the time it takes to share them. It is my very own blog version of an existential crisis! lol 

I am going to try to blog at least twice a week for awhile and see how it goes. Some posts coming up will likely be about past projects I've done that I failed to blog, or events like the kids' winter recital that the above photo was taken at. At least until I catch up and get back into the swing of blogging more regularly.

Anyone else questioning their online life in the upcoming year? Anyone have tips and tricks to find balance between online and 'real' life? :0)


Mummy Dearest said...

I am right there with you!!

I started blogging as a way to vent my thoughts to no one. I was writing only for myself because no one had found my blog yet. Once you have been around a while and become semi-connected to other bloggers, that moment before clicking "publish" causes me to pause:

- was what I wrote crazy? funny enough? interesting?

I off and on question WHO it is I am writing for and whether my blog is an aimless endeavor or something of content.

I tend towards thinking it's mostly an amiless endeavor. Which was fine when it was just for me. Now I risk falling into the 'annoying blogger' category. I am already annoying enough in real life -- not sure if I want to be as well in the cyber world!

Good luck with your decision... Since I quit facebook recently, I might too follow suit with the blog... we shall see!

Deb said...

I don't go on facebook all that often. I would rather read blogs and I hope you keep on doing it! No pressure.

Karen said...

As someone who only found your blog in 2010, I have to say I've really enjoyed it, and hope that you continue to blog in 2011.

I can see how might be a tough decision, hard to juggle so many balls in the air at the same time!

Good luck making your choice –

panamamama said...

I enjoy your blog! I am in the same boat. I want to combine mine so I only have to blog once on one blog. I get sucked into it...

Kayla said...

no tricks really... sorry. a bad way to start my comment i suppose ;-). but i just had a baby, and am blogging because of that fact, but i notice my blog lacking in posts because of that fact as well.. i've noticed that blogging (and working out, but blogging usually wins over working out haha), that i spend my free time thinking about how i dont have time to write a whole blog (or do a whole work out), but really i just need to start.. and then i usually can finish it, or it at least saves.. =)