Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sometimes a girl has to match her hula hoop...



Deb said...

How cute is that!

Katherine said...


Karen said...

That is so cute :-)
I'm also wondering, how'd you make the pictures run together like that? It's a neat effect!

Sparklee said...

Adorable! She's looking so GROOVY!

I used to hula hoop all the time--I would probably hurt myself if I tried it now!

candyn said...

Thanks, everyone!

Karen, the photo is an animated .gif that I created in photoshop. Working much like a good old fashioned paper flipbook. Here's a great link on how to do it... It is how I built those annoying flipping web ads back in my newspaper graphic arts days.

I am guessing there are non-photoshop ways of doing this, but I've used PS for over a decade (WOW. Feeling old.) So it is the only way I know.

Maria said...

Oh, I"m sorry....did your daughter grow up while I BLINKED???!!!!

Meanwhile, girl..that hoop ROCKS! And that girl rocks that hoop!

candyn said...

Maria, YES -She did grow in a blink! She grew a FOOT this past year. She fills out then shoots up, over and over again. I'm personally too short to comprehend this sort of growth. I don't remember going through it myself, lol. She's nine years old and her feet are bigger than mine. I'm lucky she likes dresses so much because she keeps outgrowing her jeans.

I tell my husband his children don't grow, they morph like aliens on the show "V". I watched my stepson do the same exact thing. He went from little kid to twelve year old man-child in one year. It is sort of amazing actually.

I was hoping my kids would be spared this trait as I'd like as many years I can get with them being 'little'. Alas, looks like my daughter is following in her brother's footsteps. Maybe my youngest son will give me a few extra little kid years?

Wow! Sorry I wrote so much in response to that. Can you tell this is an issue with me? :0)