Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

It's that time of year again when I post a Happy Birthday video for my dad. He lives across the country which makes visiting difficult but computers help ease the distance a bit. Obviously since I'm posting the videos in this public fashion anyone is welcome to view them. :0)

Here are links to past videos... 2007 (which was my first post to this blog actually)... Here's the vid for 2008... Okay, I forgot in 2009 but here's a link to a cute kid video a posted around his birthday... And I failed again in 2010. But here it is in 2011 and I am only one day late with my offering and I am excited to finally be fulfilling a promise to record my daughter playing the piano.

A little background on this video... My daughter started piano a few years ago when her Kindermusik teacher started offering an intriguing program called Simply Music. My daughter was using a keyboard I had from my high school days, which was more of a toy than musical instrument. But lacking the funds for an upgrade we made it work. My dad visited us that year around the holidays and the kids opened a lovely keyboard from him that Christmas. A much appreciated gift and it was well used over the years.

Here they are opening the keyboard...
 It looks like my husband is trying to keep my son from jumping on top of it.
Oh my gosh! They are so little! This feels like yesterday.

 The box... of course!

Giving Grandpa his gifts.

I've promised to post video of the kids playing piano for awhile and well, time flies and all that, and suddenly it is four years later. But I finally sat down and compiled a video of my daughter playing through the years. I can't find any videos of her playing at all in 2010... sigh, so there is quite a jump in skill level that happens at the end of the video.

In the video you can see the small pathetic keyboard we started with, then the two songs in the middle are played on the keyboard from my dad. The keyboard in the final song is something we saved for and bought when my daughter reached a level where she needed a full key range this past year. We passed the gift keyboard on to my sister and her sons and they hope to begin piano lessons when their sons get a bit older. So anyway, here is the video of my girl.

My boy started piano lessons this year, so here's a video of him playing too. I was running out of steam after making the first video so this one is less edited and more chatty. A fun little note: The second song he plays in this video is the first song my daughter plays in her video.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope this year is the best. Thank you so much for your contribution to my children's love of music. Music makes our house such a happy, happy place and you are a part of that! We love you!


Mummy Dearest said...

Oh my goodness, this was so amazing to watch! Your children are so talented -- and how great that you started them so young.

You must be proud! And they are so confident. :)

Jen said...

They are growing into such beautiful and talented little people! As if we would expect anything less. ;) Your dad is sure to enjoy these videos. Thanks for sharing!

val said...

So sweet, and so beautiful. I loved hearing your voice too in the background. I also love how kids play music crunched in weird sitting positions or standing, in pajamas, whatever, so natural--none of the formality of adults.

Lovely, lovely. love, Val

Sparklee said...

Bravo!!! They both did such a great job!

panamamama said...

Wow! So talented! What a neat idea to do the montage through the years. I might try to do one of my girl's dance classes...