Friday, April 15, 2011

Color Returns!

My kids with my camera again. I love this shot with their reflection in the toaster. They adore this little guy I received from the amazing sunnyblueskies in the Grrr... Little Monster swap on swap-bot. My son named him Billy. His removable top hat just slays me. So cute! And check out Billy's curly tail in the toaster reflection. I could eat him up I love him so.

Billy in top hat, sitting on his Grrrr... bag. This is seriously cute stuff.

I can't photograph the monster I made for the swap because my partner doesn't have it yet. And I shouldn't even put this picture up because it is also for an ongoing swap, but I couldn't help it. These pictures cracked me up. I won't post pictures of her finished in her home until my partner gets her.

I actually have a backlog of swap related crafty things I've made but never blogged about. To post or not to post? Some of them were cool swaps, but it feels weird digging back to months past too. Guess, I'll just wait and see where the mood takes me.

Don't fall in Little Red!

Counting bear, block combo pictures. This is a sort of constant theme for my kids I think. Thank goodness for digital cameras. The shots would be way less cute if I were paying for film on hundreds of shots of counting bears.

My daughter has a special affinity for counting bears. She calls them Wooshies and has a whole society based around them. I don't know. I try to stay out of it. Wooshie life is riddled with rules and I'm a more laid back sort of person. I stay out of their way and they stay out of mine. Though occasionally one ends up underfoot in the shower and then I've been known to banish a Wooshie or two.

Guard duty? Hey, napping Wooshie! Get back to work!

All in a row.

Bow before your royal highness.

Wooshies of the round table.

Wooshies most high.

He's not in focus in this picture, but I included it because
WOW! When did he grow up?

Okay I took the next series of photos and they aren't very beautiful. Spring just started here and we've been outside trying to make things happen. First thing I did was rip out a giant, eye piercing rose bush. I did leave a bit but I imagine I likely killed it as I was tearing out roots pretty savagely. My husband is partial to this rose, but it is a lot of thorns for two days of blooms. I won't cry if I have to rip the rest out next year.
I had a nice smooth ground until the local outdoor cats started digging. Sigh... I have a love/hate thing going on with a few of the neighborhood cats. We're allergic, so the ones that have adopted us as their outdoor family are sort of like distant pets. We have names for them, not sure what their actual names are, but they will come to their adopted names. We have a fondness for one in particular that we call Mr. Blik after the black cat from the cartoon Cat Scratch. However, I'll fall out of like really fast if he keeps on digging up stuff I plant.

What I found under the massive piles of rose bushes and mulch. Daffodils! Yay!

Obligatory pic of the first spring flowers scattered in the winter-scarred grass.

My next project.

One of our neighbors offered me her old patio set. Cool, huh? It is nice and heavy which is lovely because we get some WIND around here. Two of the chairs are in rough shape, but I think I can salvage them with some glue, wood screws and love. The rest just needs sanding and some paint. I started sanding as you can see in the photos. Easy! Comes right off. Yay for projects that turn out easier than expected!

Just waiting for a still, dry day to sand and paint these. I'm really impatient to start because I have big plans. Plans that involve our horrid garage that I won't even photograph because its ugliness with shatter my camera lens. However, my plan involves the garage, this patio set, paint, trellis, a new actual patio, and a sail shade that I already bought in the cart before the horse sort of way that I tend to embrace. Big plans. Just need the weather to cooperate and stop blowing at 25-30 mph. Mama needs to get her spray paint on.

Can't seem to include a post without a picture of my favorite tree lately.
Here she is in her early spring glory.

Oh, look. There is a smudge on my lens. Wonder how that got there?

I'm pretty sure it was the Wooshies.

Ah well, camera lenses wipe off, right? The winds die down. Spring comes eventually and the color always returns. And it makes me so happy! Wishing everyone a weekend full of bright colors and calm breezes.


Deb said...

Your children are very good photographers. Your little monster is so cute too. I can't believe you have violets out!

val said...

It's all wonderful and your tree is gorgeous.

I love that you let them have their pretend world and stay out of it.

That's nice for kids, space to be themselves. love you, V

Sara said...

Great pictures. I used to love swapbot ... I sort of miss it reading this post.

Sparklee said...

Great photos--that tree is amazing!

You are one busy, creative person! Good luck with the gardening, furniture painting, and crafting!