Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood: Another Matchbox Doll

I made another matchbox doll for a Fairy Tale Boxed tag swap on swap-bot. Here are links to the first doll and the second one I completed. I am sort of addicted to making these little scenes now. I keep coming up with ideas for them. I wish I could create them as fast as I can think of them! Little Red is at her new home now so I can share pictures without ruining anyone's surprise.  If you click on the photos it should enlarge them if you want to see details.

 Her box 'home'. 

Close up of front. I knit her little cape before anything else. It was my inspiration for this doll actually, the idea of a itty bitty red riding hood cape. I used crochet thread and super small metal sock needles to knit with.

 Close up on back.

Size perspective because these macro shots make her seem much bigger than she really is. She fits inside a 32 count matchbox bed, though she can't actually go in the bed I made her because of a design flaw that almost ruined her. I mistakenly painted the matchbox inside, so when I put her inside to test it out it turned most of her face and some of her hair green! I almost cried.

After I calmed down I was able to repaint her face and ended up liking it better the second time around. So - happy accident then. But she has to lay on top of her bed like everyone else now. She can just store all of her stuff in the bed drawer now instead of  herself (which was sort of creepy anyway if you think about it too much). I guess that means she is just a matchbox doll in name only though. 

 Alone in the woods...

 Yeah, she can actually carry her huge basket. She takes lots of things to grandma.

Her loot. Her books are Little Red Riding Hood and Favorite Fairy Tales. She has a little bundle of letters from her grandma that are on the table. This shot also shows the back of her cape which I like a lot. The hood has a long a pointy sort of tail to it, which you can also see better here.

 Close up of home. I knit her little comforter too.

 Ditto, with more side detail. Notice the wolf picture on the right side. :0)

Size perspective for the whole thing.

So that's my interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood in matchbox doll form. She was a blast to make. I love knitting little tiny things because they only take a few days to make verses weeks or months for normal sized things.

My family is still very under the weather. In fact my kids are in the cough all night phase of the bug. They are in that in-between point when it might just decide to take root in their chest with a secondary infection. I am trying to balance hovering/freaked-out mommy with relaxed/let's-eat-popsicles mommy with 'if I have to endure one more Sponge Bob Square Pants episode I might stab myself in my ears' mommy. It is a toss up which one will come out on top at this point. I might end up making an army of these dolls just so I can keep getting lost in their tiny worlds. I'm sure my kids wouldn't mind at this point.

Between the weather and the illness we've been inside WAY too much lately, which is contributing big time to the discomfort for us all. We have had lots of quiet games, movies and crafting which has been nice. My daughter has made some lovely things that have brightened my days a lot, and I'm planning a post to share them soon. However, we can't wait to run around outside in the sun, filling our lungs with fresh air and not coughing. Not one tiny wheeze. Soon! I hope!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and healthy week!


the happy honeybee said...

Candy...she is SO beautiful! Oh, I love her so much, and your partner is one lucky lady!

the happy honeybee said...

PS--will you add photos to our group Flickr pool, pretty please? :)

val said...

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


Oh Candy, the little doll is truly gorgeous.

I also hope the kid start feeling better very soon. A little sunshine would no doubt help. love, Val

K said...

Wow, I think this is your best one yet! WOW, so cool!!!!

Deb said...

Your little dolls are incredible. They are works of art!

candyn said...

happy honeybee - Thanks! And I'll be sure to add photos to the flickr group. I've been neglecting my flickr for too long. I have a few swaps to add actually.

Val - That song was in my dreams last night! Oh spongebob, how you try me. Love you!

Thanks, K and Deb! :0)

Sparklee said...

So amazing! You gave her so much personality, and I love all her little accessories, especially the pictures on her wall!