Friday, April 22, 2011

Kryptonite to my Mom Powers

"Don't make me use it," said my son as he pulled 'the lip'. Please ignore his Vicks stained shirt. I should have cropped it out but I figured it goes with his dark circles and acts as a 'picture worth 1000 words' testament to our recent bout of illness. Or more accurately, I'm lazy. That would require the opening of programs and mousing. It is ever so much easier to just type. I blame recent illness. This is my excuse for the laundry pile too. Hey, we use what we have around here.

He wanted a bath instead of a shower and I had been resisting. That incredible pouty lip and the big sad brown eyes are his secret weapons. Gifts he was born with.

See? He started this early on. He's a quick study.
Lip pops out. Eyes get sad. And I'm undone.

So by now there is as much nurture involved in this behavior as the nature. The kid just melts this stubborn old mommy heart and helps me see when maybe I am being a bit unreasonable. Yeah, he got the bath. And he held still while I snapped a picture of his manipulation in action. That way we both got something out of the deal. Hey, he learned it from somewhere.

Happy Earth Day, TGIF and Good Friday. Celebrate it as you will. We are all feeling better, wit is returning, and the sun is trying to shine. Celebrate we shall! Starting with baths* instead of showers.

*Not overly full, or overly hot baths... As it is Earth Day and all.


panamamama said...

That always does it for me. Too cute!

val said...

I love that guy. love, Val

Owly said...

What a little monkey!

Deb said...

What a great pout! He deserves a bath.

Sparklee said...

What a face! (It's funny how their expressions stay the same even as they grow.)

Hope you are all feeling better soon!