Friday, July 29, 2011

Well, Hello Blog ...

The pictures in this post are from a recent morning walk. I tried to capture the local carferry docking in the harbor. It does this fast donut in what feels like an impossibly small space and it is awesome to watch, every single time. I worked five of my young adult summers onboard this beast. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

2012 might be its last year to sail as the EPA cancelled its grandfathered allowance to burn coal on the lake. Will be interesting to see what happens in the future, but for now she's still here in all her coal-belching glory.

I jumped head first into summer and my online world became somewhat bedraggled and neglected. I blame Vitamin D overload. Nothing like days and days of unfiltered sunlight to make this northern girl sun-dazzled by day and exhausted by night.

I realized I started to do this not-so-great thing. A thing where I blog in my head, take pictures for said blog, however fail to show up at the actual blog and post. So I have a whole list of summer events that 'feel' like they've been blogged, however... Nope. Nothing here. So yeah. That's a habit that needs to end now.

I want to do some catchup posts, just because I like to look back over the years and remember what was going on in our world. Just trying to figure out how to organize it all so it isn't ridiculous.

Because to be honest, this summer has been ridiculous in scope. It sort of feels like we all took a big swig of Red Bull at the beginning of June, ran out the door and just sort of danced frantically through the streets of summer. Which is sort of fun, but it throws me into a bit of a daze when trying to summarize it, or worse, when I try to picture the upcoming seasons. Fall? School? Winter? SNOW?! Head quickly buries back into the hot sands of summer to procrastinate such thoughts for another day.

However, it is time to think of such things once again. I definitely need to get our school plan together soon. I have some projects I started that need finishing before I lose these long days full of natural energy.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful season, whatever that season may be, since I guess it depends on where you are reading from, right? I do look forward to catching up on all my favorite blogs, and maybe actually getting the hang of Twitter and my new love, Pinterest.

I am very excited about the coming year. We have so much planned and my kids are at such fun ages. I will do my best to stop this blogging in my head business because I know it already feels like it is zooming by. In a few years it will be one big blur, the individual moments lost to my sieve of a brain. Can't have that!

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you have a weekend filled with adventure and fun so fulfilling that come Sunday it will be hard to find the words to describe it.