Monday, September 19, 2011

Balance is good!

This is not a deep post as the title might imply. Nope. This is all about YAY! Look what I got! Early!

Isn't she such a pretty, pretty book? So coy? So mysterious?

I pre-ordered Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor weeks ago and thought it would be released on September 27th. Imagine my excitement when the book arrived in the mail this last Saturday! Ten days early! Love. This. Book.What could be better than a new, much anticipated book? Right? Well... 

Maybe I had already downloaded another book to tide me over until this one was released because I am all impatient like that. So well, TWO, new and much anticipated books is, you know - Even better. Even as it is a bit spoiled me-ish.

Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern... which I have to admit a photo of the cover on my Nook just doesn't have that same ummmphh does it? Oh, how I am loving this book. And I admit I enjoy holding my e-reader more than a bulky hardcover, so much so I am considering downloading Daughter to my Nook too. (Gasp! Right?) I never really thought that I'd get to that place, you know? Where I really prefer the ebook version over the actual book? Sigh... It sort of makes me sad in a way.

I wanted to get the Daughter of Smoke and Bone book in hardcover because I have a collection of Laini Taylor books and am sort of a stalker fangirl of hers. I even have art of hers on my wall from when she used to sell prints on etsy. See?

Ummm... What was I talking about? My inability to take clear photos anymore? Stalking? Picnik? (Which is the awesome photo editing place that let me plop that big arrow on my pic in less time that it would have taken me to open photoshop.) No? Hmmm... Oh, right. Books and how many I am juggling right now. And how I am so old that when I read for more than two hours straight I go a little cross-eyed/doublevisionish. What? We didn't get to that part yet? Well, its true. So the world has appeared a bit wonky to me lately.

So. Worth. It.

How is all this bookish gluttony about balance, you might be wondering? Well, my kids have been SICK. They've hit every lovely bit of nasty that a virus can produce with this round of illness. We've had a 24 hour stretch of constant intestinal strife and the sheet washing that accompanies it. We've had sore throats and tears. We've had noses so stuffed that the combo of every natural and modern drug remedy has barely allowed them comfort and the long nights of me propping pillows, getting water, applying nose strips and Vicks, and just sitting next to them willing them to breathe in a way that doesn't make me itch to call 911. So yeah. It has been a rough five days around here.

Having a couple GREAT books to grab in spare moments and escape my mucus-covered life has been soul-saving!

Wishing everyone who stops here a week filled with balance and pretty, pretty books!


Karen said...

Oh, how I love when you post about books, it was you who put me on to the Hunger Games series :-)
You can bet I'll be snagging these two asap...
I wish you balance and harmony in your week too, we can all use a little bit of that.

K said...

So sorry about your sick babies. So happy to hear about new good books!


candyn said...

Karen - Oh, it is hard to rival Hunger Games. These two books are YA fantasy verses dystopian, but a beautiful escape nonetheless. I did read quite a few YA dystopian books this past year trying to fill the void that finishing Hunger Games created and I did find a couple pretty great books, even as they are a bit disturbing. Unwind by Neal Shusterman was intense and it isn't part of a series which I found refreshing. And Delirium by Lauren Oliver - which is written strongly enough to stand on its own, yet happily is part of a series. I'd recommend both of these books to anyone looking for YA dystopian novels to read, though like HG they deal with tough subjects and can possibly make even the most stoic people shed a tear or two.

Wendy Darling said...

I have both Night Circus and Smoke & Bone waiting to be read, too. And you would LOVE Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver too, Candy--I just posted my review and nipped over to let you know to look for it.

The Halloween chalkboards are so adorable, too. :)