Friday, September 30, 2011

Countdown to Halloween

 The official changing of the kitchen blackboard.

 Bits of costume already arriving.

 Trying out the twirlability of a new petticoat.

Someone wants to be Alice in Wonderland this year. Since we will be doing many layers due to what will likely be our coldest trick-or-treat experience in a long time, what you see here are some of the under-layers to the costume (which has yet to be delivered). Armwarmers, tights, petticoat and even a white rabbit purse, all from one of my favorite online places, Sockdreams. The petticoat is sparkly. I am in love with this little girl art punk look thing she's got going on.

 Surprise! That's my guy, the blur zipping past.

Loving this white rabbit bag. Alas, it is very shallow and won't work for a candy bag and my girl won't let me do surgery on it to remove the stuffing to allow for such use. She said she'll carry her flashlight in it. Cute though.

I know it isn't even October yet, but the leaves are turning rapidly around here and the air has been COLD for a long time. It feels like it is past time!

Anyone else planning their Halloween costumes yet?

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