Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goodbye Germs!

We are all feeling better around here, so today we all pitched in and scrubbed down the house. Be gone all you germs! The kids were eager to help with the chores.

And by chores I mean doll laundry.

My son wasn't really helping with the doll laundry, I suspect he was more interested in standing (jumping, ahem) on the bed and then jumping onto the floor. And this all made me happy because it means everyone is feeling better!!! Yay! Happy, non-mucus covered chaos! Oh how I missed it.

The clothes on the line belong to this cutie.
Internet, meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth, the internet.

This summer my daughter saved her money and bought herself an American Girl Just Like Me doll. If you are familiar with American Girl, you will know that this is quite an accomplishment. Personally, I couldn't justify spending that much on a doll, but my daughter has always been good with money and driven to succeed. She had a plan and now she has a doll. And I am proud of her.

This photo is of Elizabeth's homecoming. Much happiness this day.

American Girl doesn't make boy dolls... duh. Right? Otherwise the company wouldn't be named American GIRL. However, my boy was feeling left out. I've run into this situation before. Only this time giving an American Girl doll a haircut wasn't a realistic solution. However, I did come across  CJ, from BFK, Ink., except he was only $23 when we bought him.

CJ is perfect for my guy and I like that CJ came with a journal that he likes to write in. My son really picked up on that and always has him writing in his journal. CJ is short for Charles James which combines the first names of my husband's and my favorite grandfathers. I love happy coincidences like that. So my son got his 18" doll too, Elizabeth has a friend to hang out with, and all is right in our now healthy world.

In case you are feeling worried that my son only has dolls to play with... don't. Being the youngest boy with a much older brother and a father that kept many of his toys rocks. We've got 'boy' toys coming out of our ears. However, my daughter loves to play with them as much as he does. We are equal opportunity toy enjoyers around here. :)

Wishing everyone a week where doing the real laundry is as fun as doing doll laundry. If only!


Sara said...

Love the doll laundry line!

P Flooers said...

Remember when my girl packed up her AG doll stuff last year and I cried? I agree that much money for dolls is absurd. And yet I cried. These dolls are pretty wonderful. Santa brought one each Christmas for three years and I have to admit, they were cherished in proportion to their cost. But I wish wish wish I had been creative enough to make a laundry line! And I wish I'd known your girl was into these dolls. Last week I gave away two horses and the complete set of books. (The books are excellent, btw.) I could have sent some your way. We're keeping the dolls and clothes for grandkids. Also note: the 18 doll clothes at Walmart fit perfectly.

Cheers! pfunk the cowgirl

candyn said...

Thanks, Sara. :)

Pfunk - I can't believe the difference in kids. Your daughter packed up her AG dolls last year when she was the same age that my daughter is now finally into them. lol. Kids. And I so appreciate the thought of the horses and books. So generous. I admit though that I'm glad they were already off to a different home (where I am sure they were much adored!) because, WOW, this AG stuff takes up some room, doesn't it? We're just a few months into this stuff I feel we might already be at capacity. I almost started packing up playmobil the other day. When I am willing to get rid of playmobil, you know things are getting serious around here! :0)

P Flooers said...

My girl packed up all the playmobil just before the dolls. Its all in a covered basket in my living room. 3 sets of toys we will keep: playmobil, duplo/lego blocks, ag dolls. The rest goes away.

So my girl's room is now almost completely empty of toys. How. Weird. Is. That.? But spacious, oh my! My girl is 11. I thought your's was more like 9? Am I confused?

candyn said...

My girl was born a week before 9/11/01. Eek, right? So she is newly ten. She's a nice mix of little girl/tween. Her dance class is with older girls, some in middle school already and she can hold her own with them fine. Her gymnastics class is with younger girls and she fits in just fine with them too. A girl in-between and she can stay that way as long as she wants to, I say.

She's like me when it comes to toys. She's more of a maker/stager. She likes to create things for her toys, or make the toys themselves, and she likes to set them up. Set the playmobil scene, dress the doll and set up her room, etc. She's not one to make the characters interact with each other. My son can create worlds in play, my daughter does that kind of thing in her head and through art.

Perhaps it is why she's come to AG dolls more recently. She never was the one to pretend to be a mommy. Now she sees AG as a blank canvas to crochet sweaters for and build furniture and only just recently can she create on the the level AG demands. Just a guess though.

P Flooers said...

Oh, that makes sense then. My girl is almost a year and half older. At that age, that amount of time makes a difference. Especially approaching puberty.