Friday, September 23, 2011

A post where I prove that illness has addled my brain...

Okay, before I start posting pictures I need to layout a few things to explain why this post is proof of my mental decline. So here you go - backstory.

• I bite my nails. It is just something I've always done and likely always will.

• I do a lot of messy, hand-drying-out, nail-breaking kinds of crafts.

• While I am usually quite clean, my nails aren't what you'd call 'groomed'.

• If I were to be honest, my nails are just a couple steps above 'feral child', minus any dirt that might be associated with such a term.

So yeah, me doing a post about painting my fingernails would be rather, uh... Pointless? Ridiculous? Gross? Yes. Yes to all of that. I am guessing that you know where this is going, so yeah, those with weak stomachs might want to click away.

But hey! It is Friday. And I am on cold medication. So let's do it anyway, shall we?

For some reason my husband and I were having one of those late night, illness-induced seemingly deep but not really actually about anything conversations. Somewhere in between the topics of money, art, football, circuses, dolls, and tissues that already contain lotion, we started talking about manicures. My husband had been sort of mesmerized/horrified by a set of nails on a woman he saw earlier that day and he was wondering why people decorate their nails so much. And while I have NEVER actually had a manicure and can't imagine having a stranger touch me for that long ***shudder*** I do think that it is art. I mean have you seen some of those painted, gem-covered, foiled, stickered, beaded creations out there? I've always been fascinated with it all, but I'm a realist. The first time my nails click on my keyboard, they are going to GO. Can't. Stand. the. CLICKING. Goodness. No touching, no clicking... Sensory issues much?

So yeah. Cold meds. No sleep. Brain spinning. Not much energy to do much past showering and making soup. Yet bored. My daughter offered to paint my nails. (My daughter, btw WILL likely be the kind of girl that is very familiar with manicures in her lifetime.) So one thing led to another, which led to another, which led to this.

Yep. I zentangled my nails.

And remember the backstory? Try to ignore the shortness of the nails and lets pretend that cuticules don't exist in general, okay? Also, elephant fingers. Okay... now that I am done being insecure. Let's talk zentangled nails, because seriously? THISISSOCOOL! You can DRAW on your fingernails?!? Seriously? I've missed the opportunity to decorate these little tiny canvases that go with me everywhere for the past how many decades now? Ahem... Well. Enough.

So let's do the official manicure shots that are all over pinterest. Because, why not?

 Ka-pow! There's even a layer of glitter there people.

Is this the end of my nail neglect? Perhaps. Or perhaps it is only a fever-induced dalliance into the nail arts. Only time will tell.

The official shot of what I used.

And there is a reason you only have a shot of four nails. Because it turns out that even while these nails are relatively subpar from what you find on the internet by means of nail tutorials. The four nails pictured look professionally turned out compared to the other six nails. Yeah... Gotta work on my left hand's painting/drawing skillz.

Anyway, there it is. We all survived, didn't we?

Wishing everyone a weekend of art in unexpected places and a whole fall/winter season of excellent health! I mean, who knows what I'll do if faced with another illness. Makeup tutorials? Can one zentangle their eyelids do you think? Hmmm...


P Flooers said...

I'm confused. You took, like, a MARKER and drew on your nails? Wow. I had no idea such a thing was possible. And the implications of Zentanlge for henna is KAPOW.

(I'm in a capslock phase.)

candyn said...

Yes. I used a fine tipped black permanent marker. I let it dry for a bit and then added a clear topcoat. It will smear off quickly without the topcoat and the topcoat will even smear it if it isn't dry enough before applying it. But yeah, it works! I'm really wanting to do a little stop motion type illustration on my nails next. lol

And yeah, Zentangles would make for some amazing henna!