Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011: The Year of the Pumpkin

Once upon a time, back when the kids were little, I thought it would be fun to show them how to carve pumpkins. So I bought a nice round pumpkin, we looked up cute pumpkin faces online to decide what to carve. Then I sat my sweet babies around me and they watched with gigantic eyes as their mother took a big knife and did this....
 And they screamed and burst into tears.

It was then I realized why therapists are an integral part of society. And that was pretty much the end of me even attempting to carve pumpkins until this year. We've painted pumpkins, stickered pumpkins, pretty much anything that had nothing at all to do with murdering pumpkins.

But this year I saw THESE!

For those that don't want to click over, they are Pumpkin Teeth. SO COOL! And I bought some because, dude. Pumpkin. Teeth. So I petitioned once again for the opportunity to show my family how murdering carving pumpkins can be fun. And I won! Yay! I am happy to report that no children were harmed, emotionally or physically, in this endeavor. I cannot say the same about the pumpkins involved.

We did this a couple weeks ago, hence the shorts and sun, but my camera cord went missing and I just found it today when I was trying to find something else. Go figure. Maybe next time I am searching for something I'll find my missing brain.

I am happy to say that my family is now on board
with the whole pumpkin carving thing:

 Pumpkin fang teeth!

 An originally designed pumpkin wolf. Awesome!

 Had to get a shot of the mess. At least part of it, this was semi cleaned up.

 Our cheerleader.

 Daddy's pumpkin. He used a design from a book and it looks really cool when lit.

 I just crammed as many teeth as I could into mine. Yay, pumpkin teeth!!!

 Setting up the display.

Trick or Treat!!!

The countdown starts now! A whole weekend of Halloween festivities begins in just a few short days. Wishing everyone that participates in such shenanigans a very Happy (and safe) Halloween Weekend!


Sara said...

oh my gosh, I love those teeth! All the pumpkins turned out so cool!

Hoola Tallulah said...

omg they are amazing, ima get me some pumpkin teeths for sures! I totally cracked up reading about the kids crying over the pumpkin masacre, funny little things they are, teehee.

Heather said...

Best toothy pumpkin EVER! Funny, funny read!