Monday, October 24, 2011

Update: Fall 2011

I finally got a new phone so bear with my artsy 'hipstamatic' prints I've been taking with it. It is kind of like playing with a polaroid camera with endless film. 

This has been an unusual autumn for us. We are usually quite healthy in the fall and winter and then we all succumb to a few bugs come spring. However we are just ending our fourth round of viruses already this season and it seems to be a common thing around town. It might be a loooong winter. So there has been quite a bit of this around here...

There is of course there is the gorgeousness of fall walks when we are out of zombie mode. The colors have been amazing, but dare I say less POW than the past couple years. The temperatures dropped fast at the end of August and then we had a series of wind storms that blew down quite a few leaves early. So the leaves on the ground are already quite brown and the leaves left in the tree are already rather sparse. We've been spoiled the past few years with the color show. But it is still the best time of year for hiking. No bugs, no sweating, that lovely fall smell in the air, crunchy leaves underfoot. It's lovely.

There is the ever fun 'leaf catching game'. Ongoing seasonal fun.

And lots of family time. My favorite time.

Look how TALL my girl got this year!

Of course I'm rather short, so it isn't that hard for a 10 year old to catch up to my height I suppose. And, Internet... meet my chipmunk cheeks. Chipmunk cheeks, the internet. They are the reason I still get carded for alcohol even though I'm am flirting with 40. So basically, I no longer hate them. 

 And can you believe how scampish this one is?

And how cute this little crew is?
I could eat them up I love them so.

Sigh... there has been so much more but it is hard to keep track of it all. I have been making a lot of dolls and plan on posting about them soon. And there's the usual ton of other things that tap on my brain pestering to be blogged about and then slither back out again when I actually sit down at the computer. Perhaps my new phone will help me keep track? I discovered Evernote recently and looks promising for an 'on the go' sort of task list organizer. Might be a good place to capture those tricksy blog post ideas before the skitter away. Hmmm... I wonder if there is a laundry app for my phone?

Wishing everyone a healthy season and lots of time spent with the ones you love! Happy Monday!


Sparklee said...

Very cute photos of the family! Sorry you've had to deal with illness (bleah) but I'm glad you got to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather and colors, too!

We love fall hiking, too. The best part is that we usually have our favorite trails to ourselves!

Heather said...

Goosebump post & loved the pictures!