Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Conquered

Yep. Even my dog. We're THAT family.

A sweet Alice and a freaky sith Jedi, Savage Opress. Some Star Wars geekery for you on a cold November eve. We're that family too.

The cousins in their superhero splendor.

She had that bunny bag stuffed with candy by the end of the night.

Captain America would only let Alice hold his hand. Awwww....


Won't be long before I'm thinking thoughts like this again. Halloween candy and I have a love/hate thing. All in all, Halloween 2011 was a smashing success all around. A weekend full of beautiful weather, wonderful company and too much sugar. Can't beat that.

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. We love the silliness involved, the excuse to dress up in costumes in public, the generosity of strangers. For a glimpse of past years' Halloween fun you can see here and here. We do tend to get into this holiday.

Well, onward and upwards toward the deep dark winter now, huh? Hmmmm.... might need a chocolate or bar or two to wrap my mind around that thought. Good thing we're well stocked! Wishing everyone a happy weekend filled with sweet treats!

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