Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Punk Rock Kids

So today this happened:


A little hair color

The kids like their edgy hair and I like that it is self expression with a backup plan. The fauxhawk will lay down flat and look like a 'normal' haircut. The pink streak will eventually wash out. And spending a few hours in an air conditioned hair salon owned by a blues and gospel singing man with hair that makes my son's seem tame? Quite an interesting and fun way to spend a few hours on a very hot Tuesday. That and some icy drinks at the local coffee shop made today an all around good day.

Hope everyone's summer has been as awesome as a fauxhawk is to an eight year old boy! We are on the downward slope toward fall with some actual rain in the forecast. Thank goodness. My flowers - they weep. Cooler days will be upon us in no time. Until then, stay cooler than a girl-child with bright pink hair. And that, my friends, is pretty darn cool. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Perfect Mornings

Yesterday's sunrise was extra beautiful. Other than almost choking to death on a bug, the whole walk yesterday felt surreal with beauty.

The sunrise:

From the other direction where the color was reflecting on the clouds:

Sunsets here are amazing because the color show takes place over the lake. But I prefer the morning show. It is so still. A private event. Sure there are always a few people around, but we morning folk are a quiet lot. A small head nod in greeting is the norm. It's lovely.

Today it was raining, so instead of walking I stayed home and broke fast with dragons. They are a polite crew, gathering around their little dragon feed buckets while I gather around mine.

My daughter has expanded her dragon making from clay dragons to soft sculpture. She sews felt bodies over wire armature, so the end dragon is both adorable and posable. I need to do an updated blog post about her current clay dragons as well. They've come a long way since the last post I did about her dragon crafting obsession. She even had her first craft orders that she fulfilled timely and happily. She took a few to dance class and all the girls wanted her to make them their own dragon. She blows me away. Not to mention she makes creatures with such polite manners. I would have never guessed a breakfast with dragons could be so civilized.

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in America. That means parades, cookouts, family and fireworks. I live in a tourist town on the lake so the whole event is done up in epic ways, including a huge art fair, a B17 flyover and even a clown band. It will be busy, hot and loud and I honestly both dread it and look forward to it at the same time. It is the total opposite of my quiet mornings, but fun. However, I'm going to need a week of quiet mornings to recover from it all!

Wishing you a happy, safe week. Hydrate and keep cool, everyone!