Monday, February 10, 2014

I am rich in trees.

 Snow on a birch tree.

 This combo feels like the essence of winter to me.

 If I am ever to move from this home.
This so very modest home.

 I will miss the trees the most.
In trees, I have abundance.

I share space with this beauty.

 A mature Camperdown Elm.
Every day I am grateful.

 A fortress, a sanctuary, a mysterious companion for a quiet day.

 I have a deep love for this tree.

 When I was very little I used to carry around A Golden Guide: Trees like a talisman.

 I had to. I remember needing to know. Needing to have that book with me.
I've always had a passion for trees.

 My birch tree would be enough.
It is gorgeous and brings me daily joy.

This tree? This tree is a reminder of how life can surpass expectation in all ways.

It holds my heart.

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