Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby Dress


This project started out very fun with the baby leg warmers (that can later serve as arm warmers). It stayed fun through the skirt of the dress (that can later be a shirt). The last bit gave me some grey hair. I like it. It is sort of a baby salute to the eighties, with the mint greens, pinks and the whole leg warmer thing. I think it needs a hat or a big eighties hair band with a bow.

I am not even a decent knitter. For me it is all about effort and the mindless rhythm of the knit stitch. I finally learned what it is that I do as I have never knitted correctly. Using this site knitting help I have figured out that I use the "combined method" of knitting. Which is why some of my decreases look twisty. I haven't figured out how to combat this, though I have watched the video and know it is possible. Something for another day. But it was cool to know that my method had a name other than "wrong".


Maria said...

Stop already you crafty people!! I was just at poppins blog and I can take all this spring craftiness!

Mommylion said...

But our t.v. is dead, remember? What else am I supposed to be doing - schoolin' my younglings?

Lostcheerio said...

Awwww, this is SO SWEET!!! I love the colors, and the picture itself is great. Very adorable.

Jackson said...

Pretty cool baby dress... I just love this!!