Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mail Art




I made these for my mom to send out. (You have to mail them to people mom - otherwise it lacks a point.) I love mail art and letters (and mod podge!). Over the years I was a penpal to a few people, however the marriage/childbearing years proved the breaking point of my ability to write faithfully. Now that my kids are old enough to give me freedom to use all my various appendages, I am once again feeling the pull toward snail mail. I just might have to dig out my non-computer address book.

I used to have a roommate in college who wrote with pen nibs and ink. I thought is was so odd, and a waste of time until I tried it and was completely hooked. I walked around for years with the inside of my index finger stained black from ink. I even accidently tattooed myself with a sharp pen point and ink when writing once. A small dot on my thumb, my only walk on the wild side of body modification. While I love the internet, there are times that an image of sitting in a garden, writing letters (that will get replies) and drinking tea sounds so peaceful that I would be willing to jump generations. Only for a brief moment however. I am way too fond of indoor plumbing.


Lydia Netzer said...

Hey there! I love your blog! I really like the list on the left and how it's all digitally mastered looking. ;) Glad you are now absorbed into the Google Reader culture (my husband says they are always tracking my data, tracking my data, my data, data) and now I have added *you* to *my* Google reader! :)

Maria said...

I have a friend who has always written me copious amounts of letters. It's wonderful. I used to do the same and quit for the same reasons you mentioned. But I treasure her letters, and she's kept all mine (which faithfully detail my emotions at meeting/dating my husband!) I went through a big ink phase in high school. What ever happened to it? It was beautiful. I also went through a wonderful sealing wax phase. It's hard to send those thru the mail anymore. But they are beautiful!

candyn said...

Thanks, lostcheerio (love your screenname, btw.) Yikes, google as 'big brother' (in an Orwellian sense, not reality tv-ish) with a funky fresh and youthful spin. Hmmm... I could see that. Scary, but useful :)

Maria, how neat that there are details of meeting your husband captured in letter form. You could get them copied and bind them in a book for your anniversary if he is sentimental like that. Though my dh would probably be happier with a video game, the dork. (Said in a loving way, of course.)

K said...

Wow, those are beautiful letters!

Thanks for sharing. That is inspiring for me today. I always wanted to be a beautiful letter sender. I'm not so good on the follow through. But you make me want to try harder. Thanks. : )