Friday, July 25, 2008

Bugs and stuff

When I first started dating my husband we were hanging out in his apartment watching a movie when a little cricket made its way from who knows where, wandering right up to us. It was as if he were asking for directions out of the place. We both immediately took it as a good luck omen and returned the little guy outdoors. It was a second floor apartment and something about the quirky silliness of it all started me thinking I was going to marry that guy. Just the fact that his first instinct was to save the cricket instead of making fun of me wanting to save him, showed me that at least we were mutually cricket friendly. And since most other things can be overlooked in a relationship, we might as well have said our vows then. My husband bought me a cricket house, sans cricket, for our first anniversary.

Today, I was at my fake job which gives me a decent escape from my regular routine for a bit. I was in the breakroom and a cricket walked up to me taking me back to the apartment scene. I had to rescue it and locked myself outside in the process, as the door in the breakroom has a keycode that I don't know. But it left me feeling happy, sort of giddy and hopeful. Maybe silly since we are talking about a bug here. But really, it is all about how you look at it right? We get to decide whether or not we crush the bug or save it. We get to decide if we run from it or carry it jumping in our palms to freedom, feeling part fool - part little girl.

It was a good feeling, this little cricket visit. A reminder to keep a look out for the unexpected joys in life. Sometimes they crawl in disguised as a bug.

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Katherine said...

Now that's just lovely. Thanks for that. : ) K