Friday, July 11, 2008

One of the best videos ever.*

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

And one of the best 'about me' pages I've ever read.
Edited to add: I just noticed on his FAQ page when asked why the world is so screwed up he answered: men
And in answer on how to fix it: women
Darn interesting fellow, this Matt.

* If you click over to his site, or to youtube, you can watch it in a higher resolution. It is worth it.


Maria said...

Can you explain to me why I"m crying? Is it the video? Is it that I am SO glad to see your blog after a far to long hiatus from the Internet world? Is it the fact I finally feel I found something to post on MY own blog? Or could it just be gas? That is a strong possibility too. At any rate, thanks for sharing!!BEEYOUTEEFUL!!!

Mommylion said...

Maria, great to 'see' you again :)

This video makes me cry too. And feel happy. We even downloaded the song used in it from itunes and dance around to it. Just love it.

Gas however, should never be underestimated in its ability to cause spontaneous tears.

Katherine said...

My husband said this is the number one most popular video on the internet right now. I don't know how he knows that...librarians are all about the stats. Its so lovely, isn't it. Its so very opposite the war and all the war stands for. Its perfect.

But what brought a tear to my eye was the series of your girl and her daddy. : )