Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time flies...

I haven't been blogging because... I just finished a freelancing project, the phones are finally slowing down and the kids have new bikes :) So for us it feels like summer is just beginning. I've been busy putting my house back together again and playing with the small neglected ones.

My house gets all Cat in the Hatish around freelance project time. Piles and piles of things all over. It is a little frightening when I pull myself from the haze of deadlines and look around in shock at the chaos surrounding us. This project usually falls during a lull in my husband's business, so he picks up the slack. The lull is late this year, which was a bit tough mentally but I can't complain when the economy is iffy and our business is doing better than usual. We survived, sometimes barely, and now we get to enjoy the slower times together.

Blogging and reading blogs in the summer is such a feast and famine experience. It seems like everyone is busy just living life, or even busier blogging about the life being lived. I don't have it in me to just stop blogging or to document the minutes of summer. So I guess I have to fall somewhere in between until the cooler temps of fall quicken my brain. However the nights have been coming on earlier, Amazon will soon bestow many books upon me, and I have art projects on the brain that will want documentation. Blogging will be here when the words and days are in sync.

Oh. My. Gosh... The husband just walked in and he has PLAYMOBIL bags. Later!

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