Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Timely reminders


Wow, I needed this today.


I went on the internet this morning to look into returning a booster seat that I am not thrilled with. We wanted to keep my boy in a five point harness since he is so small. He's outgrown his carseat (just), and needs to move to something new. But the one we ordered just fits quirky enough for me to question it, though it has good reviews. So I was going to exhange it for the booster my daughter uses, a Jane.

When I got to the site there is a little button with a kid giving a thumbs up that says something like, "find out if your kid is ready for a booster." I was like, good, this is exactly what I need to know. What it linked to was a video by a family who lost their son through seat belt failure when he was in a booster. (Like the kind I want to exchange for.) After bawling through the video, I clicked through to Youtube with some random desire to do something, anything, leave a comment, but more likely just cry and feel helpless. Only once I clicked over to youtube, you know how on the right of the screen they have recommendations for similar videos to the one you are viewing. Yeah. A whole row of memorial videos for beautiful, sweet amazing children. Oh my god. I am going to be sick.

And now I really don't know what to do about the carseat situation. But I sure as hell know I am going to be appreciating my kids today.

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