Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camera Upgrade/Downgrade

Well. My old camera finally decided to act squirrelly enough to get replaced. It still functions. But poorly enough to freely give it to my six year old daughter without hesitating. Not that she doesn't deserve a good camera, but in it's day, the old camera was not something you bestow upon a six year old. Even if she is a perfectionistic one.

So I've been playing with my new camera and having fun. It certainly does what I need it to do. It is a little hard to get used to a new set up after seven years with the same camera.

Box of mini Beatrix Potter books.

Awesome dotee dolls I've received in swaps. A "Haunted Dotee" on top and underneath her hangs a "Mommy & Baby" Dotee.

I didn't utilize all the features on the old camera. And though I really enjoy taking pictures of my silly little life, I really don't feel like spending a crazy amount to pursue this hobby. So when it came time to replace the old girl I looked lower down the camera food chain. I wanted something more portable so I'd be more likely to take it along on hikes and such. So I went strictly point and shoot this time. It is a fancy point and shoot, but probably not overly fancy compared to the insanely lovely cameras out there. Still, even without the potential bells and whistles I have a huge learning curve ahead.

ATCs (artist trading cards), that I received in swaps.

I should credit the artists here, but I am in a hurry. Will try to come back and do so later.



So far I love how fast it is. Probably doesn't take much to overtake the capabilities of the old camera. The flash actually doesn't ruin pictures like my old flash did (though it doesn't take pics very well without a flash it seems.) But to be fair it was pretty dark when I started taking pictures today. I can't wait to carry it around with me a bit and try it out for different types of pictures. It looks like my old camera's baby, the sizes are that different. I can also take almost six hundred pictures before the card gets full, then I can just erase the card and start over. That is probably not an original concept to most people out there. But I have been married to those old mini cdr's for my old sony for so long, and that novelty wore off a few years ago. Especially when they stopped carrying them in stores.

My blog is already a little photo-heavy and I am guessing that it might get a little more so before the shiny newness of the camera wears off. Oh well, at least I might be more inclined to carry this little guy outside of the craft room more often than I did the old beast. Action shots, here I come! :)

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