Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back hurts... ow.

I've been moving furniture. For days and days and days. Why? Because I am crazy and I think that if my house is so organized that I can bounce a quarter off my life, then I won't be crazy anymore. Make sense? No, not really to me either, so I try not to think about it too much as I am moving the rooms around.

Seriously though. I really am organizing everything. I am seriously doing ALL the projects on the secret list in the back of the journal. The 'someday' list. Someday is now, baby, and the agony in my back proves it.

To celebrate the halfway point of my big project, (yes, only half done, sigh), the girl and I got crafty tonight. I've been lax on Halloween festivities, except for the annual 'practice' trick or treat game my kids like to play. The one where they pretend to trick or treat and then I give them candy and then they leave me alone for a half hour so I can organize playmobil toys. Good game. I'll be sad to see Halloween end. But other than the 'dentist loves me game', I've been a holiday dud. I haven't put up decorations, done the usual printing of halloween games and color sheets, halloween crafts, etc. The girl put my mind to ease tonight though when she came up with a cool halloween collage all on her own.

Here she is working on the picture. Notice the fact that she is too old for a sippy cup and too young to use permanent markers and how I am oddly proud of capturing her using both on film.

In production.

Finished piece. That little skeleton guy is so darn cute.

I finally got my paints out and played tonight. I've been wanting to paint for so long, (something other than walls and bookshelves), so I dragged out the stuff and wrestled the canvas board away from my daughter, because she has a weird cool-craft-supply radar and is suddenly RIGHT THERE as soon as I pull something new out of my hat. Of course, I love this about her.

You know those folksy coffee/tea cup art pictures that are always up in coffee shops? Every time I see those pictures I always want them and want to paint one myself. So that was my goal. My own coffee cup art. The best part was it didn't have to be anything near perfect because that is part of the charm. They always look homemade and cute.

I titled it "Sanity".

I have a goal of both creating more art for my family to keep, and to actually hang the art I have on my walls. The coffee picture will either go in my kitchen or my art room. One more check off my big long list of things to get done, but an enjoyable project. The next art project I have in mind involves a map of the US and making all the states out of polymer clay. But that might have to wait until the lazy days of winter.

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Katherine said...

yay! :) love the cup. love the kid. love the art. even, kinda, love the sore back, since it means things are moving.