Saturday, December 6, 2008

A cat...with wings!




I am pretty much convinced that cats should have the option to grow wings.

His tail is lumpy, but otherwise I am happy with how my first fairy cat turned out. I think I am going to try to do a Santa before I get back to the cats. We used to buy a Santa each year but haven't recently. Since I've discovered needle felting I want to try to make one myself. I would make his face out of clay, but his suit out of material and needle felting. My husband wants him to be a Gandalf-ish Santa. Of course he does.



Katherine said...

OH HE'S ADORABLE! I love the tufted ends. :) love love love him! Ry will go mad when I show her.

Mommylion said...

Thanks, K :) I want to make a little clan of them, they are so fun.

Mrs.Q said...

That cat is seriously cool!

Sarah said...

Have you read the Catwings series? I bet your kids would love them!

Mommylion said...

Thanks, Mrs. Q!

Hi Sarah, welcome :) We haven't read Catwings but the set is actually sitting in my Amazon cart just begging me to push the buy button. I just might have to do so, it does sound like something we would all enjoy around here.

Yoshi said...

The cat is so awesome! My cat sometimes seems to grow wings to get places like the roof or tops of trees.

Yoshi (libertunity)