Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mini chocolate box I made for my mom. Spreads joy without the calories. Don't worry. I got her a little real chocolate too. :)

It is sitting on my date book, for size reference.


Mmmm... I like to think of the rectangular tan swirled ones as latte flavored chocolate with a chocolate espresso bean on top. Definitely would be my favorite in this group!

My husband and I don't really get into the Valentine's Day hype, but my mom offered to babysit and that is always win/win as the kids adore going to Grandma's house and my guy and I adore going out together. So we wandered around town for awhile and even splurged on dessert at a local shop. Hope your day was filled with love and relaxation!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Candy!! This is beautiful! The patience and intricate work involved have me in awe! I don't have the patience for this type of work, but boy I love it when other people do!
Lucky mom!

Debbie said...

Great Chocolates Candy..

Mommylion said...


Yoshi said...

The candy is wonderful. I love miniatures.

Yoshi (libertunity)