Saturday, March 14, 2009

My daughter the magician

My kids discovered something my new computer can do. The little photo booth thing takes short movie clips and offers some fun effects. The one below is my daughter acting like a serious magician or something. I haven't asked her what it is about yet, as I sat down to enjoy their creative efforts after they went to bed. The only problem is, I worry my laughter might wake them up. They are funny little people.

Edited to add: She told me she is 'shape bending'. Like from Avatar: The Last Airbender, where the different tribes can bend different elements, air, fire, earth and water. Here she is the first 'shape bender'. Oh, to be a kid in the computer age :)


Anonymous said...

Funny, lol! Look at that concentration on her cute little face. I love it. love,V

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Ms. D and I just watched this together and were laughing at her concentration, too! And my favorite part was "Just a minute Dad..." oh quickly we learn to pacify others! And her brother saying "Get done yours.." (or that's what it sounded like) made us laugh too! So cute!

Katherine said...

I LOVE THIS! This is ART! This makes me day. Thanks. :)

rae said...

Loved that! She is all kinds of cute - and determined.

I love that little thing your computer can do - alas! I don't have a mac. :(