Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Spring Yet!

Remember this?

I woke up to this...

So in protest, I bought these... (On Sale!)
(The gardening books, not the child.)

Grow Your Own Pizza, which looks like a fun way to start gardening, by planning a garden based around favorite meals. This was on sale at our local bookstore for only $3.99.

And a little set Gardeners Book Box. This was on sale for $9.99. Now that I've seen the Amazon prices, I am even happier with my purchases.

We are all cabin feverish. The kids have a cold so we don't have the oomph to play outside. This weekend, my girl has completed 60 lessons on a cool math website I found, Dreambox. (Shhh... don't tell her she's learning.) I can't say enough good things about this website, it is awesome. I've been trying to figure out a way to go back and review some of the earlier stuff my girl might have missed in math, and this is doing exactly that for her and more. It has been fun for my son too. We are using the two week free trial right now and I plan on purchasing it for my son for sure. I have a feeling my daughter will finish all the lessons within that time and I am not sure if she'll want to keep playing it after she has it completed. But if she wants to play math games, I will buy her math games. Hey, it is better than webkinz.

How cute is this little dinosaur world my kids set up? The middle shape is a volcano complete with lava made from a small scarf. Well, I found it all so cute until they told me they were trying to find the perfect meteor to destroy the dinosaurs with. Wow! That is some heartless play! I need to get my creatures outside to run off some of that aggressive energy. Hear that, weather? I need to get these kids outside! I have my gardening books. I have an odd desire for manual labor going on. Let's get this spring thing going, k?

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Gerky said...

We grew a pizza garden last year. It was a great school project and a really fun one because you get to eat the final If you want to see it I blogged about it twice. Once here and the actual pizza here

Hope you have fun.