Monday, March 30, 2009

The rest of Monday...

Sigh... Tuesday is in sight and all is better with the world.

Apologies to those reading my blog through Google Reader and ventured upon my Monday rant. Today started badly and progressed badly, with grumpiness abounding. But we pulled it together and salvaged the evening. My husband became unlost and found his way home (no thanks to Mapquest that time around). My MIL stopped shrieking at anyone nearby about her phone bill. They changed the format, she was confused - about the phone bill and about me making a good whipping girl. I straightened her out on both accounts and we are still speaking even.

My daughter's piano and violin teachers (mother/daughter combo) came for spontaneous lessons and I actually cleaned the house to an acceptable level without throwing it all in the kids room! Yay! So now my house is mostly clean for tomorrow. Double yay! My art room/office, is a very different story. I didn't add mess to the pile, but I didn't remove any either. Still, it didn't matter. We had a blast. They stayed for dinner and then after and finally we all realized WOW! It was 10pm! Time flies when you're having fun and all that stuff. And the beauty of that statement is we really were. After a terrible beginning to the day, the end proved to be very fun and fulfilling.

Looking back at the day it is really astonishing how many odd badly timed, frustrating things happened. Much more than my initial rant covered and that I am willing to give any more energy discussing anymore. But I feel pretty good about it all actually. We had some good opportunities to really lose it and we just kept plodding along, knowing that most days weren't like today was behaving. Phew... I am very glad to put this day to bed however!

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MiniKat said...

Just wanted to say hello after finding your blog. You have beautiful kids and great minis! Can't wait to see more of your projects.