Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The nature walk blog...

Where I turn this blog into all nature walks, all of the time... at least it seems like it lately.

The sun came out after a solid week of dark gray skies. We grabbed the kids, grabbed the camera, and stumbled into the most amazing day I've ever experienced, and living in Michigan that is saying something. The air was so still the water was a perfect mirror. I only wish there was a way to capture scents as the air smelled even more amazing than the autumn colors looked. Indulge me a bit with all my nature photos lately. Soon it will be snow, snow, snow for about half a year. Snow is beautiful too, but it isn't this... Kaleidoscope of crazy color, so much it feels like visual gluttony.

Can you see the heron in the middle of this picture? If you click on it, it blows up the picture with more detail.

If you are going to click on any of these pictures, let it be this one. This one looks so much like a kaleidoscope if you see it enlarged.

I had to turn this one into sepia tone. It just called for it.

My husband requested that I take this picture as he was intrigued by the circle that the branches made with their reflection.

My wacky duck picture. This wasn't just a freak picture, I have a whole series of them. The lighting and reflection made them into an impressionistic painting.

Other than the almost unbearable beauty of nature exploding around us, it is just the regular stuff going on around here. Work, play, learning and putting the finishing touches on the Halloween costumes. I just have to tackle Gandalf's beard and my son's costume is done. (To be honest, I think the kid is going to look like Moses in a pointy hat.) I'll try it tomorrow. Wish me luck!


val said...

Thank you Candy, this is just stunning. love, Val

val said...

I had to go look again, they're all so gorgeous. --V

Mommylion said...

Thanks, Val. The pictures took themselves yesterday, the world around us was so beautiful. It was a gift of a day. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow....a beautiful gift for us all, these are stunning, Candy!


Regularmom said...


Just... WOW!!!!

My favorite was the one of your son hanging on the bridge.