Saturday, November 21, 2009

Three weeks later. No more color, but no snow either.

Today we roamed one of our favorite trails at the local state park. It is the same one where I took a bunch of autumn photos a few weeks back. Right after I took those shots the weather turned cold and windy, and all those gorgeous leaves were down within five days. Today was warm enough to bring my camera out again, so I wanted to get a few shots to show the contrast. (When it is too cold, it creates condensation on the lens.)

This fall/winter transition has been a long one, which is fine with everyone but my son, who yelled out to the sky today, "Bring on the snow!" He's been ready for some snowball action ever since we bought this year's pair of snow boots. I am pretty sure he'll get his wish soon enough.

I've been photographing some of our favorite places in all different seasons and plan to continue to do so. I got the idea after reviewing our huge stash of digital photos. It was as fun to see how our surroundings changed over the years as it was to see ourselves change. It helped us to notice things like certain caterpillars that were here last year, but didn't make an appearance this year. And then gives us the drive to figure out why. Was it the cold summer? Are they on a multi-year cycle? Also it is cool to track how the seasons vary over the years. Like last year, we were already knee deep in snow not wandering the trails at the state park in light fall jackets, listening to the hunting rifles firing in the distance (deer season).

This picture shows the most extreme change that happened in the three weeks. Not only are the colors and leaves gone, but the park opened the dam more and drained some of the lake to prepare for winter freezing. So in the newest picture you can see sand where there was once all water.

 Three weeks ago.


Next up. Snow. We are in Michigan. It is inevitable. And honestly, there is a coziness to the first few weeks of snowfall, so I am not really dreading it. But I am sure not complaining about being able to hike trails (without skis or snowshoes) in mid-November.

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Tao Of Craft said...

I am also from Michigan (although i have been in colorado for 10 years now.) I so miss the lakes and I have loved looking at your photos of the water!