Monday, November 23, 2009

The Unloved Shoes, pt. 2

You want us to WHAT?

Yes, I did turn the kids loose on the shoes with permanent markers. It was a lovely suggestion that really appealed to me. Even after seeing the results. ;) The kids had fun creating and I had fun watching. Wearing the little works of art out in public... maybe. I like them better now than when they were plain screaming orange, since in their current state they make me laugh. But I am thinking they are still a work in progress.

As the shoes really are not finished I won't post today's results yet. My husband came home and took one look at the results of today's art session and said, "What did you DO to them?" So, I think it will be a group project, and I'll add some of my own art to the shoes. Or I am guessing my husband won't be seen with me in public.

Why didn't I just return them? I guess the thought of all the fuel and postage waste over a twenty dollar pair of shoes bothered me. Also, since they fit many of the areas of things I desired in shoes, I figured I'd try to make them into what I wanted. Well, they are certainly unique! Work in progress. Caterpillar to butterfly. I know my husband has his fingers crossed!

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