Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know it has been quiet around the blog lately. Blame this...

Well, don't blame the girl with chocolate on her face. But what she is holding. A puppy! The holiday season just didn't seem frantic enough so we thought introducing a baby that doesn't wear diapers and that can chew through cords in the two seconds you lose track of her would fix that for us.

I kid! She is a lot of work, but it has been really fun too. She's a good girl, sweet and mild. A schnoodle (mix of a schnauzer and poodle) with black eyes, nose and fur, so she is really hard to photograph. It has been wonderful to watch my kids learn how to be around a pet, she's their first one! Between allergies and just plain old frantic life, we've been dogless for over eight years.

So between the mountains of snow outside, the holiday season shenanigans and a new puppy - blogging time, heck all computer time, has been scarce. But all the puppy kisses make up for it. Here's one for you!


Meet Poppy Shaboodles Bryant. The newest member of our pack.


dyeve said...

How much I'm glad I met this blog. Wonderful and interesting items. Worth reading. A good sunny morning! smiles
wonderful kids ;))

cousin Deb said...

What a dear little puppy. Enjoy!!

Jen said...

Poppy is so cute! I'm so jealous, I would love a puppy but we don't have time to look after one. A schnoodle is the cutest name for a breed of dog too!

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