Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Holiday Crafting...

My daughter and I were brainstorming to come up with a tree topper... We thought a wreath of stars might look cool. To make the stars we used sculpey ultralight which I had on hand. I figured it wouldn't hurt to make the ornament as light as possible. After we rolled the clay out and used a cookie cutter for the star shapes, we stamped designs into the stars with little bindi stampers. My daughter also made a snowman family out of clay scraps that she plans to felt scarves and hats for. I love that kid. Always coming up with ideas that sort of blow me away.

I am not quite sure how I am going to make the stars into a wreath. At first I was going to glue them all together randomly, and I still might. But part of me wants something lighter, airier looking. Maybe glue them to a circle of wire? I also don't know if I will add a wash of color to bring out the design or leave them crisp white yet. Or add glitter. Hmmm... so many directions this could go.

No, my advent cones aren't done yet...

My list of projects is growing and the time before Christmas is shrinking steadily. There's a felted Santa I started last year that I'd love to finish. Doilies I won in an auction last year that I'd love to do this with. Cookies would be fun. And of course the advent cones.

Snow is covering the ground outside now, and the air is properly blustery. The time for a busy warm home is here and I am feeling very content. Happy weekend everyone!

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