Saturday, January 30, 2010

Even more fun than Avatar!

Today we took my girl to see Avatar and left the small boy home with the large boy. It hardly felt fair to take one child to a movie without the other (the teen already saw it) and I was feeling some maternal guilt over that. But Saw is pretty sensitive and he knew he wouldn't be up to that movie. The intensity and length were just too much for his six year old self. I shouldn't have worried though. Everyone should have a big brother as cool as my stepson.

We came home to this...

The ultimate in blanket forts. My pictures hardly do it justice. I immediately crawled inside feeling all wild rumpus-ish. The striped pillow on the ground is where the entrance is. If you enlarge the photo you can spy a little face peeping out from the doorway.

The blurry guy in the background is the engineer of this lovely creation. His is officially a baby-sitting rock star. He even did the dishes. I don't know if he realizes that such skills are probably better left hidden from me. Visions of afternoons spent alone at the bookstore start dancing in my head and I start brainstorming a million little freedoms that having a responsible live-in babysitter allows. Date nights! Heck, weekend trips!

Ah, I'm just kidding. I wouldn't take advantage. He's a good boy and I really appreciate when he helps us out like this. It is so fun to see my boys so into each other's world, even with their 13 year age difference.

My stepson even fashioned Saw his own little nook inside the tent. Saw called it 'my room'. "Come in the tent, Mommy, and look at my room!" While we were gone, the boys spent much of the time fighting off alien invaders. I am pleased to report that their mission was a success. The Earth is safe from aggressive space predators once again.

Even the dog had her own little corner in the tent. Awww! She thought it was just the best thing ever to have her pack all hanging out with her on pillows piled around on the floor. It just might have been her most favorite day on the planet so far, if going by her happy puppy dance and all the kisses she was doling out.

We had a lot of fun at the movie with my girl. A great movie. My husband and I had already watched it but didn't want our daughter to miss out on seeing it in 3D. It was an even greater treat to come home to this awesome tent and all hang out in it for awhile.

Wishing everyone a weekend filled with imagination!


Annienygma said...

I love your blog. I read whenever I get a chance. Keep up the good work! I love how you organized the art pencils (wish I was that organized)!

Mommylion said...

Thank you for the kind comment, Annienygma. Fun screen name, btw :) Having our art supplies out and easy to grab means they get used. It took me a while to pull them out of their pretty packaging, but in the end this works out best.