Monday, January 18, 2010

Tooth Fairy Madness!

Oops. This happened a long time ago... I just updated it to take a picture of my boy off from it just to be safe, because I am getting a ton of random hits on it from all over for no apparent reason and with no obvious referring links. I don't know why it changed the date, and what a bummer that it did because I can't remember when it actually happened. :( I guess using my blog as a back up brain isn't a perfect idea. Now I have to try to puzzle out where this post actually belongs.

My baby lost his first tooth!

He was so excited to have his first loose tooth that he yanked it out before I was ready. I had to scramble to assemble the expected TF stuff. When my daughter lost her first tooth she had a mini crisis over the situation. I tried to soothe her stress by making the whole event extra fun.

First, we printed out a tooth fairy gazebo from the Toymaker paper toy site. Then we decorated it with a little handmade pillow and bag to store the tooth. She wrote a little letter to the TF asking if she could keep her teeth and the fairy wrote back (which started the tradition of getting a letter with each lost tooth). Fun stuff. And it worked because she looked forward to losing teeth after all that.

So, of course my boy was looking forward to all the tooth fairy hoopla. So here are my boy's tooth fairy pillow and tooth bag. They'll do. I was working on a quick deadline, since the eager little dude yanked his wobbly tooth so quickly.

The tooth fairy gazebo that I downloaded from the Toymaker. I just altered the colors in photoshop so it wouldn't match my daughter's. Yes, I have 48 hours in my day. Don't you?

And here's the letter the tooth fairy left my boy. It is a good thing she had a nice gazebo to rest in, because the tooth fairy was TIRED.

On a side note, I try to stay away from the news, but I admit that the Haiti situation has me watching a bit. Its hard to just write about these normal little happy things with all that horror going on. But then again I don't know what to do other than donate and try to be kinder in general to the people I'm in contact with. The world and those in it are so fragile. Hug your loves.


Katherine said...

How inspiring and lovely. It must be fun to grow up in a house where Mom is working to make everything so pretty and magical.

And I know what you mean about Haiti. I was whining about shots and feeling guilty. But pain is pain. And all we can do is be more compassionate. Right? That's the lesson, right? Sigh....

love and hugs, K

Deb said...

That is such a nice idea for the tooth fairy. Your kids are going to have so many fond memories.
I feel bad about Haiti too, but like you say other than donate we should be kind to everyone we meet.

Mommylion said...

Deb - is this 'cousin Deb' that has left me so many comments in the past? If so, how wonderful to see your face! I can't wait to check out your blog, but am on here way too late tonight. Must be off to bed right now.

And if this is a new Deb, then welcome!

Miri said...

Love this. I'm here via Pinterest as my girl just has her first wobbly tooth. Thank you for the gazebo link.