Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh, Martha...

You had me at printable checklist.

It is full on February in my little huddled down corner of the world. To combat what could quickly become raging cabin fever, we've been cleaning and organizing (and have been for awhile now). I am optimistically calling it Spring Cleaning, and it does make me smile. My mom called me to share the above Martha Stewart lists with me, as she knows that is where my heart is at right now. Thanks, Mom!

The good news is, that by the time Spring actually shows up around here, we'll be ready for her. And we won't have to waste any sunshine scrubbing away the winter. We can just dive outside and soak up the vitamin D and dream about gardening.


rae said...

Oh be still my list making heart. Printable checklists...and from Queen Martha no less.

Deb said...

Martha, oh Martha!