Sunday, February 28, 2010

A post where I insist I am not trying to be a food blog...

But it is late February in Michigan. Seriously, life is all about food right now, folks. I cannot lie. And world news certainly has been extreme enough lately to up anxiety levels. Anxiety = Eating. Snow for forever = Eating. News about my favorite bookstore closing = Crying, which of course leads to: Eating. Watch for my early spring lament post over my need for a new wardrobe... Coming soon!

Until then however, we have these! Sort of like homemade Lara Bars. But with extras! Woohoo!

Basically, I just threw equal parts cashews and dates into the food processor, added some coconut oil and a splash of vanilla, ground it all up into a crumbly paste. Pressed it all in a pan and then pressed cacao nibs on top, then popped it into the fridge to firm up.

This is happy food. Happy, happy food. Cookies without flour, processed sugar, and that actually has health benefits. Like lots of magnesium, more potassium than a banana. Lots of fiber, some protein. Lots of fat and calories too, so yeah... Not all good. But hey! Not all bad either. In late February we always look on the bright side of food things.

Like these three little creatures... They are certainly the bright side of being snowed in with lots of family time still sprawling ahead of us. They not only make cabin fever tolerable, but they even manage to make it laugh-like-crazy fun.

And keeping with the late February theme -
I could eat them up I love them so! Da, dun, dunt... 


Hearthandmade said...

this sounds and looks delicious! I have a really bad sweet tooth
CDonovan - Swapbot

SaraswatiChB for Swapbot said...

Good idea. I don't mind your blog being a little foodie... I subscribed as I enjoyed it so much.

shafarina said...

I bet that must be delicious!