Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finished Matchbox Doll

All my bags are packed... I'm ready to go...  No, not really. It is Spring Break for the local school district, but we're sticking around the old hometown for now. Funds are low and the days are crazy - Not a good combo for traveling. I don't mean to sound like I am complaining. I like my hometown and the weather has been amazing. As in, miracle kind of amazing. Flowers in March in Michigan kind of stuff here. Gorgeous. But I did just send out a swap to France the other day, and that does make me think of traveling. I used to travel almost constantly, and this stage of my life sees me as quite the homebody. Interesting stuff, life. Never easy to predict, but always interesting.

It is so spring-like out I can almost believe the season is really here. After such a cold year last year and such a hard winter, I am half expecting to wake up on April Fools Day to see two feet of snow. There are flowers blooming, so I am starting to make some real gardening plans. Ah well, if it snows again, it will melt again, right?

However, with spring break and spring weather and all that goes with that, I almost forgot to post my finished doll picture from a recent swap I was in. And I love her. I love her so much I am making more like her. It is my new evening past-time. I sit out with my husband (instead of closed away in my art room like usual, so that has been nice), and fold little boxes, and bend little metal skeletons, sculpt little bodies. I find it very soothing and fun. Yes, I do realize I am sort of fickle in my random craft pursuits. Sigh... what can I say? I'm scattered. I'll own it.

But anyway, here are the photos. You can tell by the pictures that I really got into this project. I just couldn't stop adding stuff. It was supposed to be a doll in a matchbox, but I added a little traveling trunk, that opens to make a small home for her. Like a mini dollhouse. I can't seem to finish large dollhouses but this size is about my speed.

Close up of the trunk. I stuck little vintage luggage labels all over it. I know, I am a dork.

Here is my 'steampunk fairy doll' in her little house. My swap partner's profile said she liked things in their own houses which led to this little creation. She's sitting on her matchbox bed in the picture. I put her inside the matchbox to ship her to keep her safe. She is traveling to France. Au revoir little steampunk fairy. I hope you get to your new home safely, or I will be très triste. (Ah, my high school French teacher would be so proud I can remember a few words. I'll have to mention it at the next family reunion, as she's now my aunt-in-law. Gotta love small towns.)

Here is all her loot out where it can be seen. I received that little silver tea cup in a matchbox swap awhile back. How cute is that? I adore it, but it fit with this little set so well, I had to add it in. What can I say? Steampunk fairy is a tea drinker, and she had a long trip ahead of her.
In this shot you can see her little goggles on the bed. They are far from perfect. My mom thought it was a crown when she saw them on her. But I got a kick out of making them. Even though my swap partner will probably be like, what in the heck is this thing? (I have no clue how to say that in French. No clue. Maybe I won't be mentioning my French lack of vocab recall to the aunt-in-law.)

In this shot you can see the gears in the headboard of the bed. That is really what started the whole steampunk fairy business. I started the bed first and then tried to build a doll that would look like she belonged to the bed. Then I built the box that looked like it would belong to the doll... etc. You can see why I haven't blogged much this month. lol

Like I said, I've been really into making these little things. I was sad to see this first dolly go, so I started making more. I've got a few in the works right now actually. I noticed that I am on post number 371 and I've never done a blog anniversary thing on here so I am a few years behind on that game. I do think I just had one, though. I believe I started in March a few years ago.

I've never hosted a giveaway either. So maybe when I hit post number 400 I'll have a small celebratory give away amongst the few souls who read here. (I know that it is sort of like having a celebration based on the fact that I talk a lot. lol) Anyway, I was thinking I'd give a little doll like this away when I hit that 400 mark. I don't know if that would even appeal to anyone really. I know this sort of thing isn't for everyone.  But of course, maybe by then I'll be into some other craft of the moment. Anything can happen in the span of twenty posts at least in my world!

Well, I am getting slap happy. Must be off to bed now. Good night, friends. Wishing everyone a relaxing continuation of the week. That is my personal goal. I want to take a few naps and pretend I am on vacation. Bonsoir!


Deb said...

That is adorable! I don't know how you can let her go.

Panamamama said...

So cute! My mom and I used to make little dolls and didn't save any for ourselves. Now I am so sad I didn't. Maybe she'd like to start making some again? :)

Unknown said...

This box is great! I really love it. It reminds me of the suitcase/adventure book from 'UP'.

K said...

Riley and I are enchanted with this little fairy and her home. Very Cool! :o)

Brittany said...

That's so cute! I agree with Deb, I don't think I could send her off.

APlusAmigurumi from swap-bot

Emma @ emmanemhandmade said...

Oh my goodness I am freaking out as to how cute this is. You are so talented! Wow!

-emmanemhandmade on swapbot

The Creative Place said...

Wow this is absolutely adorable! You are so talented! Thank you for sharing :)

TheCreativePlace at swapbot

Jennifer McLean said...

Wow, your steampunk doll with her little travel trunk is priceless! If I were your swap partner I'd be floored. Oh, and for the record, since I'm not only following you but also adding your blog to my "must keep reading" folder, it must be said that I want to enter your anniversary draw now, officially. Hehehe. I think giving away one of your dolls with the travel trunk would be precious.
I'm Jaemac from swap-bot and I'm so glad I was assigned to you!

Agnes Sim said...

so vintage feel. I like vintage. ;-)
agnes from swap-bot

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at your skill. I keep looking at the picture and is so hard to believe that the doll is so tiny! And the box! How adorable can that be!
-mariaisabel from swap-bot

by the way Im following your blog!

jozen said...


that is absolutely amazing!

lolasgirl from swapbot

Unknown said...

Oh wow that is great! How creative!


SaraswatiChB for Swapbot said...

Oh my god, this is so amazing. I thought it was muuuch bigger when I saw it in the pictures. Your swap partner is lucky.

Fabi said...

That is so cute. I love it. I wish I could do it as well.

Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

Glenda said...

this is so cool I love it, I love your blog and will follow from glendas s/b

Lindy said...

wow.... what beautiful work.... I had to pop over quickly before heading to bed because I just read the comment you left on my blog... one of the nicest comments I've ever received. I look forward to reading more of yours and following you along on your journey.

...scatter joy...
collagecafe04 (swapbot)

Jessica said...

Wow, what amazing work. You are so creative and have such great talent.

ElizabethMD Jewelry said...

Oh you don't give yourself enough credit!

Fantastic workmaship on your fairy AND her furniture and home! Her new french owner will absolutely adore her I know.


ElizabethMD (swap-bot partner)

Jen said...

this is absolutely amazing, so intricate. I'm super impressed and jealous of your skills

samuraijen - swapbot