Sunday, April 18, 2010

Idle hands are paypal's playground...

I've had itchy paypal fingers lately so I needed something to keep my hands busy. I had the idea to draw little room scenes on 1 inch blocks. I thought I could then stack them to look like a tiny dollhouse. And if I put a different room on each side, then the 'dollhouse' will be changeable. I admit it. I will never outgrow toys. Ever.

It is a pretty small canvas, so my drawing is pretty wobbly. But I like the idea. I am waiting for the base coat to dry on the other blocks so I can draw some more rooms and put them together to see if the reality matches what I envision.

They are fun little things to make and it is so far doing the job of keeping me distracted and away from ebay. It all started really innocently, I was looking for pretty pillowcases to decorate my girl's room. I was shocked at the sticker price for new cases that weren't even that cute. So I went on ebay and was drawn in by the gorgeous vintage linens that can be found. One small win led to another bid, etc. Now I am feeling a little repentant... Sigh.

The good news, I will be having a few good mail days coming up. The bad news... EEK! There is no shopping in tax season! Not even for reasonably priced vintage linens. So I am doing other things now. Trying not even to think about ebay. EEEEbbbaaayyy... Ebay loves me, this I know. For my feedback tells me so. Such good deals just can't be wrong. My will is weak and Paypal's strong.

Okay, so now I am slap happy too.

Anyway. Even with my little foray into ebay country, we have had a decent weekend. My mother-in-law is healing nicely from her knee surgery. The weather was cold, but sunny. The kids have a bit of a chesty cough thing going on, but don't seem to be progressing into any kind of major illness. But that is all enough to keep us in the house a bit too much. Hence my current shopping habits.

Don't get me wrong. It isn't all ebay around here. I caught this on film today. My daughter playing her newest piano piece, Sonata in C. She's shy with me filming her. So I had to sneak up and I missed a bit of the beginning.

I have never uploaded a video to blogger straight from my computer before. Usually I use a third party transition place, like photobucket. So I hope it turns out and isn't so huge it makes this page load slowly.

Here's my artistic shot of the day...
It's not the picture that is awesome, it is the color of the sky. Of course the photo didn't capture it exactly, but it is close. That blue was so amazing. It is so cool how sometimes at dusk the color saturates the whole sky and everything is tinted one color, usually it is green. I've rarely seen such a blue evening. Oh, and if you click on the picture to view it larger, ignore the ghost clings still on my window from Halloween. Thanks!

Wishing everyone a great week filled with strong resolve to avoid the temptations that plague them, or errr... something like that. How about, wishing everyone a week of good mail days, and busy, crafty hands. Better?


Deb said...

PayPal is a curse isn't it? Your little gal is quite the pianist, how long has she been learning?
I love your idea with the blocks. You come up with the best stuff!

candyn said...

My daughter started lessons when she was five and she's now eight. We aren't very strict about it though and she spent one long year where she dawdled over two songs. We want music to be more of a joy than a burden. But lately, she's been attacking the piano with a new found fervor and I can't help but film it because it makes me so happy.