Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey, Lowe's! I am appeased.

I am relieved to share that my washing machine nightmare will end one week from tomorrow. Our six month long battle for a working washer is almost over as our new machine is going to be delivered next Saturday (for free, thank you very much). As I promised I am taking down my rant post because it feels way too sour grapes now that the situation is about to be resolved.

I do understand that not everything goes smoothly from time to time and our washing machine drama has been a comedy of errors from the beginning. It seemed whether we were on the phone or face to face we just constantly hit sales, management and repair people on a bad day or something, and it went on long enough to drive me a bit crazy.

One a more positive note, here are some things that I like about our local Lowe's store: The employees are very nice. While some aren't all the quickest to problem solve, or might even be downright slow and pass-it-off-ish, they do so with a kind smile and that is something at least. And the employees that are on the ball are quite efficient, pleasant examples of fine customer service. The store is very clean, well organized and easy to navigate. The selection is wonderful. I kept going back even during our current issues because of all these positive reasons.

So whew! It maybe took longer than I wished, and someone less stubborn than my husband and I might have given up after the mountain of phone calls and visits to the store that this resolution required. But soon, my laundry will be getting done with no more headaches - And that is a happy ending in my book.

For those stumbling upon this blog post and have no clue what I am talking about, I apologize! Short version is we bought a lemon of a washer and it took six months and some tantrums in order to fix the situation. But all is soon to be well and I am embarrassed over my public display of fit throwing. And sort of tired out to be honest.

So happy weekend everyone! It is Mother's Day weekend. I give everyone reading this post permission to not do laundry in celebration.


Deb said...

You go girl! I don't know if these people think we're stupid or what. Keep us apprised of the situation.

Maria said...

Oh I hear ya, sister. And while I've never had a Lowe's problem, customer service is PARAMOUNT for me. I would take my consumer dollars elsewhere in a heartbeat if customer service were crappy. But great customer service has my loyalty FOREVER. Even if they raise prices. Because service is SO valuable today. It's huge. So you go get 'em...if they don't pony up in customer service, you find someone who will.

And yes, what Deb said. Keep us abreast. And well, here is to dirty clothes. Ugh.


Mummy Dearest said...

yowza!! sing it!

Jennifer McLean said...

Gotta say...


That is all.


Jennifer McLean said...

My second comment of the day to you. :o)
Please come on over to my blog at to pick up your blog award.

candyn said...

I updated the post as the situation was resolved today, thank goodness! Thanks for all the comments! And for the award, Jennifer. That made me laugh when I checked out your blog and saw it was for positivity. oops! Caught me on an off day. lol But thank you. It was very kind. :0)

Deb said...

Glad to hear everything worked out!