Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the details...

I have been concentrating on things other than my art life lately. Lots of paperwork, organizing paperwork, and then some more paperwork just in case I start to get bored. I am not complaining, this really needs to get done, and will never be so tedious again once I create a system to make it all more manageable. But this post isn't really about paperwork. It is about my silly little tray I painted today.

Due to all of my attention on paperwork the desk was looking really clear for the first time in a long while. I had uncovered this wooden tray that I bought years ago and thought it would be cute on the desk. I tried to think of what I'd like to have on hand and immediately thought of my current journals and fountain pen. Since they are often tucked away they don't get used as much as I'd like. Out of sight, out of mind sort of thing.

I like everything to have a home, because clutter sort of eats at my soul. (Which is why I had always put them away before.) So I figured this tray could serve as the journal and pen 'home' and since it is easy to remove the whole thing in case I need the space, it doesn't bother me to have it on the desktop. And as a bonus the bright colors make me happy.

For fun I brushed on some coats of brightly colored metallic paint that coordinated with the journals and also with the art I have on the walls. The bottom outside is a coppery color since you can't really tell in the picture.

A successful project as not only did I get a dose of some paint and color therapy to soothe my paperwork frazzled nerves, but it also created a journal station that calls out to me to use it. Makes me happy it was rainy and very indoorish weather today so I had time to play around like this.

I've really made an effort this last year to get as much of my art materials in sight, so it gets used. Yet it is always that fine balance between in sight and too cluttered, isn't it? I don't know if I am exceptionally bad at remembering things that aren't in sight or if that is normal. But I am sick of just having things that don't get used. What is the point? Might as well get rid of the stuff and make room than have a bunch of stuff squirreled away.

Speaking of squirrels, my neighbor's squirrels are still in her roof. She didn't even seem overly concerned about it. I sense more squirrel pictures in my near future.

Happy almost weekend!


Deb said...

Why do we hang on to so much stuff we don't even use? I pitched a garbage bag full of stuff just out of one room yesterday and it felt so freeing!

fawndear said...

Clutter is my nemesis! Someone once said that 'Clutter is decisions postponed.'
At least you're trying to keep a handle on it.
Love your wood tray.

candyn said...

Deb, it does feel freeing to finally let go of the extra stuff. I've used my blog silence to do a lot more of this and it feels like I can breathe in here again!

Fawndear - thanks for commenting on my blog for what I believe is the first time. :0) I love your blog and have it on my google reader. "Clutter is decisions postponed." I like that.