Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 Dance Recital

Since this blog acts as my family's scrapbook (never could get the hang of actual scrapbooking...) I try to keep the major events of our life updated here. We have fun going through past years and remembering our adventures over the different seasons. I got behind on posting this summer, so please excuse the out-of-order-ness of a few posts while I play catch-up.

I am dating these posts to when the actual events took place which basically means my online brain is so much easier to organize than my actual brain. Just another reason to love the internet.

Below are scenes from the kids' 2010 Dance Recital. I think it was the best one so far! Fun to watch come together from dress rehearsal on through to the performance. My son got to hang out back stage with the older boys and probably had the best evening of his entire existence so far. It was a great night for everyone involved.

This was my daughter's favorite costume.  Danced to The Prayer.  So sweet!

My boy in Don't Worry, Be Happy. I don't think the teacher could have picked a better song to fit his personality. I felt like she chose the song just for him. He loves to wear his 'costume' t-shirt all the time now, a white shirt sporting a big yellow smiley face.

 He's the cutie on the far left. They are all cuties. Can't beat the little ones dancing!

 My girl on the left... She was in FIVE dances this year. Whew!
This costume was for Pachelbel.

This was a group dance with mixed age groups. You know the type that starts with the little girls then progresses onto the older ones, then ends with the whole group together? My daughter's group was the youngest in this dance. Heart melting sweetness... And you just can't beat Pachelbel's Canon. Hard not to dance when that song plays.

I tried very hard to dislike this dance for awhile. I was feeling rather stern and stodgy concerning the whole thing up to the actual performance. The song was a bit too old for little girls in my opinion. A current hit called James Dean. Even the costumes were a bit too old for the girls. But in the end it worked just fine. In fact, the dance was pretty amazing. So maybe it is just me that is too old?

Shake that thing... In a few years this will be less cute and more stressful I think.
Wait! When did I turn into my mother?

The Locomotion for tap.
I failed at photographing this dance. This was the clearest photo.

Then there was this as the delicious finale! A zombie filled pageant of awesome. Thriller! And my daughter was not only in front, she had on her Hannah Montana groove hardcore. (She actually dressed as a zombie Hannah Montana... so maybe she was in the zone or something.) I don't actually like Hannah Montana and we don't watch the show even. However, whether channeling Hannah or not, it is pretty awesome to see your kids rock out unexpectedly in the front row of a whole dance production. I was screaming fangirl all over the place.

So all in all another wonderful end to a fun year of dance. We look forward to the next fall. My boy keeps asking me if he gets to take jazz this year and I am not sure if he will make the age cut off. That would bump him into my daughter's classes and that group just seems so much older. It would sure make navigating classes a bunch easier for me if they shared the same lesson days! We'll just have to wait and see what the next year brings.

I do know one extra class they will have already. The kids' older cousin asked me if they could perform a family dance with her this next year. Seniors get to perform a dance of their choice with any family members who also take dance, and she wants to perform with my kids. My little hams are quite excited, and I'm rather excited myself. Can't wait to see what song she picks out, last I heard she was scouring Disney soundtracks. Should be fun!

Oh, a couple more recital shots. A recital isn't complete without the flowers!
I put together the above vases out of the various little flower batches the kids received from family and friends. My husband asked me why I was throwing out all of the greens. I sort of hate the greenery that comes with flowers and never include them in the vases. My soft hearted husband felt bad for the babies breath and greens so below is his creation. I dubbed it 'the weed bouquet'. The kids thought it was beautiful, so I admit, maybe I'm the one that is off on this one? Hmmm... no. Looking at the photo, I still pretty much hate the looks of greens.  Maybe because it looks like something that would make me sneeze... 

Summer break means dance break for us, at least until the kids turn 10 and are old enough for summer classes. We've been making due with daily kitchen dance parties to keep in the dance party spirit. Oh yeah, baby. My favorite kind of dance of all.