Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art Fair Day! :0)

My picture hanging supplies are out, so that means we didn't come home from the fair empty handed. We hoped to fill a couple wall spaces with local artists work this year, and that was an easy goal to achieve after today's fair. Buying art is one of our splurges I admit. It makes such a difference in the feel of our home.

Here's a link to last year's haul. Unfortunately the folk artist I purchased art from last year wasn't back this year and I never could find any info on her online. Bummer... as I would like more of her work. Still, I am very pleased with our splurges from this year.

We found a new local photographer whose work awed us. The colors and presentation were amazing and the prices were almost ridiculously good. He does have an online presence which is wonderful, because I get itchy etsy fingers late at night sometimes.... okay, bank account wise that is probably bad then.

This rock picture is what drew us into his booth initially. I love how he wraps his canvas with the photo. These pictures are smaller than my macro shots make them seem. Though his big work was was amazing, we opted for the smaller pieces so we could get a few different shots. The spirit is willing, yet the pocket book is weak. They are about 10" wide and actually fit really well in the place we bought them for. Win for the wallet, win for the decor.

Together on the wall. The photographer's name is Brian Kainulainen, and he has an etsy shop and a website in case anyone out there in the blogoverse is interested. His website is only partly finished and so far there is only a tiny sampling of what he was offering at the fair. My whole family loved his work. My kids each even used their fair allowance to pick a piece for their rooms.

My daughter chose this awesome almost abstract sunflower shot. I love how the pink in the photo almost blends with her walls, though that did make it hard for me to capture as my camera didn't exactly know how to focus what it was sensing.

My son chose this awesome lighting capture near our local lighthouse. I love the green light on the water contrasted with the purple sky. This photo will hang in our living room until we get the boy's room painted. We already purchased the paint when the store was having an amazing 40% off sale, we're just waiting for the stifling heat to break a bit before digging into that project. So until then we all get to gaze upon this powerful piece throughout the days.

As a final bonus we found these small gems. Tiny wheel thrown pottery vases and a pendant. The artist even creates the stamps the pieces are patterned with. Such small joyful, love-filled things. I adore them. Alas, I have no name, business card, or any idea if she is online. I wish she was because in hindsight I would have picked up more of these little pretties, some for myself. We bought them to hold the bouquets my kids like to pick, so my critters of course think the vases are theirs. 

But look how sweet they look on my kitchen windowsill. Shhhh.... maybe the kids won't notice, at least until the next art fair!

Do you go to your local art fairs? If so, what are your favorite type booths? There was a LOT of jewelry at our fair this year. A handmade jewelry lover would have been in heaven at our fair this year. I like jewelry but don't wear much myself, so I tend to be drawn most to the fine wall art, painting and photography. I also love, love, love pottery. The variety of craft out in the world is amazing and I love the creative energy that an art show brings to our small town. 

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy week. One filled with art and sunshine. :0)


Critter's critters said...

We didn't even make it to the fair this year... our brother in law did gift us with a treasure from the fair though! I do very much like the pictures... I'm drooling a bit over the rock picture. Do you know how wonderful that would look in our sunroom?? Great grabs!

Sara said...

All cool!

Sparklee said...

You found some really nice stuff! I love the sunflowers!