Saturday, August 14, 2010

Awards, yay!

Here's some fun for my morning. Sparklee from Karmamatopoeia (which is probably the most fun combo of names I've stumbled upon in blogdom) honored me with blog awards. I believe I am supposed to tell seven things about me and pass it on to others. Let's see seven things...
  1. I am avoiding cleaning out two rooms for a weekend painting project by reading blogs and typing this post. I am very good at procrastinating... oh, that should be it's own number.
  2. I'd go as far to say that my procrastination skills are amazing. If there were a contest celebrating procrastination skills and I was able to demonstrate this power I have to the masses, people would marvel and weep at my ability. You might think this sounds conceited, but that is only because you really have no idea how good I am at this.
  3. I am thinking about giving up coffee for awhile... Full disclosure: I write this one as I get up to make another cup for myself.
  4. I want to go here. I'm willing to wait a couple years, but after that I will go there myself need be.
  5. Right now I am very excited about a math book the friendly Fed Ex man brought yesterday.
  6. I started writing this post early this morning and now it is almost lunch time because of this and that and everything in between... sigh. That sentence pretty much sums up my day to day.
  7. My stupid cell phone broke and will only work on speaker phone. I hate speaker phone, so I avoid using it. And I plan to avoid using it until November when my contract is up and I can switch providers with no penalty. I'm cheap like that. But to be totally honest, I want to switch providers because I want this. I'm extravagant like that.
Okay, now I pass it on, which is the part that always brings out anxiety in me. Will the people I tag feel annoyed like I am bestowing facebook flair upon them or will they like it? I find cool blogs by people nominating others for awards, so I try to participate. If it isn't your thing... feel free to ignore with no hard feelings. :0)

Here is a little sampling from my blog menu. Some are art/craft blogs, some homeschooling, some mommy, some philosophical, but they all share a central feel I think. Great writing, funny, witty, smart women. I love reading their posts and always feel a connection to their writing, even if we don't actually 'know' each other in real life.

Mummy Dearest from Life In Avalon
Katherine from Our Report Card
Val from Well, Yeah
Jennifer from Just Add Water, Silly

I have more blogs I'd award, but they are on summer break right now. I have more that I love that I know are just slipping my mind right now too. One of these days I need to make one of those sidebar links to all the cool blogs I read, though it is a bit like admitting what a large blog reading habit I have all out in public. ;0) Have a great weekend!

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Deb said...

That is so sweet of you to say about your blogging buddies, thank you so much!