Monday, August 2, 2010

Jewelry hanger for my girl's room

This has been an on-the-go summer. Lots of moving. Our 'mostly' adult child moving out, then in, then out, lol. Bedrooms being rearranged and redecorated. Other rooms being rearranged because why not have everything chaotic all at once, right? And then the regular summer busy-ness thrown in. Fun stuff.

Needless to say, there are a lot of projects that I didn't get a chance to share here. Sometimes I go on posting sprees, so maybe I'll catch up some day. This jewelry holder is something I finished the other night when I was craving simple painting. I am addicted to smearing color around with brushes. I often can't get it to look like much, but the color and consistency of paint is what soothes me, so I enjoy things I can paint and not worry about how perfect it looks. This project fit that requirement exactly.

A while back I bought some cheap wood frames in the craft section of Meijer. They didn't have glass or hangers on the back. But I figured I could do without glass just fine as I imagine I'll swap out these photos quite a bit anyway, and it was easy to add a couple eye hooks and wire across the back for hanging. I imagine those little glue on claw hangers would work for this too. I had been looking for wooden plaques to cover with eye hooks to make a jewelry holder for my daughter, but these frames caught my eye instead.

What you need:
Cup hooks
Wooden frames
Hanging kit or eye hooks and wire (if your frames weren't made to hang already)
Acrylic paint
A small drill (not necessary, but makes putting the cup hooks in a lot easier)
Favorite photos

I suppose this is pretty evident how this works, huh? Prime. Paint. Drill holes where you want hooks. Add hooks. Add photos. Add hanging wire. Done. :0) Here are some process photos for fun.



Drill. Add hooks.

Add photos (I chose a couple of my favorites of my daughter playing dress-up).
Add hanging wire. Done. Well, done after you hang them and fill with jewelry.

I must confess that I didn't sand before, during or after, and it is rather obvious. I am fine with this decision as my summer self is all about 'not perfect but complete' verses 'perfect and still half done and cluttering up the desk'. There are enough piles of junk projects hanging around here like that already. If you choose to try this and want it all smooth and pretty as possible, then I recommend sanding. But if you want to just do an easy and soothing project at the end of a long day, lazy craft mode is the way to go.

I'll post a photo of them hanging up when I finally get around to a post of her finished room. Which means I'll actually have to finish her room. It is mostly done. Like 90% done. And since this is her very first solo room, her very first girl only room, it has been fun. Oh, wow. Has it ever been a journey filled with pink and sparkles and finery of that sort. I can't wait to share it.


agnes said...

magnifique, j'aime beaucoup, et une superbe idée

candyn said...

Bienvenue, agnes. Merci de votre commentaire.