Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mornings this week looked a bit like this...

This is my dog telling me to get the flash out of her face. She was cuddled up sweetly with her puppy when I disturbed her nap in the morning sun. Yes, that is piled laundry behind her. Ah, laundry. How you challenge me.

My kids telling me to get the flash out of their faces too. My desire to chronicle our morning interrupted a very serious pokemon impersonation competition. My presence reminded my son I hadn't started making our morning drinks yet. Oops! Off to make one iced chai, one blueberry tea with honey and one iced coffee with a bit of cream and stevia. The day officially started.

My morning so far (and why I got bored enough to grab the camera and start taking photos). Tweaking our schedule folders. We aren't as structured as a folder system implies, it just helps me juggle all our commitments between the business, schedules for outside activities, books I've purchased and want to make sure we don't forget over the year, events we want to attend, family goals for the year, and personal goals for writing and art.

A few moments each day reviewing the schedule acts as a ward against that vague feeling that I forgot something, and the aimless walking around the house trying to remember what it is I am forgetting. When I find myself doing that too often, I know it is time to tweak the schedule folders.

I've had an ants-in-my-pants morning that has a lot to do with wanting to work on my Princess and the Pea doll. All the lovely art based on the story has always drawn me in with the pretty piled mattresses and the insomniac princess.  My girl is missing some key essentials, like hair, clothes... a face. Oh how I want to ignore housework, the lovely outdoor day that is starting to shape up, the phone, and just get my craft on. I should never start things like this when I have big projects to attend to.

I guess we are in the dog days of summer as the advertising world likes to call them. Hot. Mosquitos. Humidity. That feeling that fall is coming and the fun and frenzy with it, so right now it feels as if we are hoarding the slow languid moments that summer allows. Tonight we might go walk along the beach. We aren't afternoon beach go-ers as the full-on sun is just too much for us. We prefer the emptier, peaceful evening beach around the time everyone else is eating dinner, in the hours leading up to the sunset.

Wishing everyone a mosquito free weekend!


Deb said...

Hello to a fellow procrastinator. Your doggy is so cute. I'm sure I've already told you your kids are!

candyn said...

Thank you! :0)