Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Constant Craving: Color

So many ways to saturate my life with color... So little time.

I always do this when I near the end of a freelancing project. I set up a little corner and stash all the projects I'd rather be doing instead of writing advertorials for the paper. I also sign up for swaps on swap-bot so I have a more fun kind of deadline approaching than just a newspaper deadline. Newspaper deadlines are the opposite of fun. They are the stuff of nail biting and woe. Unfortunately, I am not exaggerating. 

Crafting is my carrot. Whatever works, right? It motivates me to get my work done. Once my evenings are free, I can jump into the middle of my colorful toys and play. With autumn here in every way but official date on the calendar, it is my season for pulling out the art supplies and making pretty messes and I am itching to begin!

Only one week until freedom! Which means I'll also be free to catch up on reading blogs and blogging once more. Yay!

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