Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keeping me away from blogging...

A bit of this...
 Just me and the kiddos for windy canoe adventures.

 Her first time paddling and she rocked it. Calm in the face of strong currents. Awesome.

Well deserved picnic breaks.

Some of this...

Magical end of summer vacation at this kid paradise.

Wow. Right?

 Waterpark. Mini golf. Arcade. Chocolate/Ice cream shop.
Physical, mental and emotional exhaustion... Well earned and totally worth it.

 Magi Quest. Which was FUN!

Complete with interactive magic wands. Our kind of vacation!

Then of course a whole lot of sleep was is in order - Except thisthis and this made that sort of pursuit impossible...
Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.
I'm listening to the series in audiobook form and it makes it even more intense I think. Anyone else caught up in this world right now? I love my Audible account, but the big drawback is the lack of being able to share. I want to pass this series on to everyone I know!

OH! And one more thing that is big for me. I taught myself to crochet! I found a lot of pdfs and ebooks online, printed a few out and took them with me on vacation. And finally after 10 years of pretty dismal knitting attempts, I finally have a yarn consuming hobby that doesn't have me revisiting the failure dragon I used to face during handwriting class in school. (My hands don't love cursive, and apparently knitting either.) Despite the difficulty involved, I really enjoyed knitting, it just doesn't love me. Perhaps my brain is just too split for the ambidextrousness that knitting requires? No clue what my deal is with cursive...

Crochet, though. We are pretty much MFEO (made for each other - to all those out there that don't speak Sleepless in Seattle). True love always kind of stuff here. The above is just a little garland-type thing I'm stringing out of the million or so flowers I've created while listening to Mockingjay. Mindlessly crocheting flowers is better than chewing my nails down to the cuticle due to audiobook induced stress, I'm thinking.

Well, that is what has been keeping me out of blogland. Just trying to eek as much out of each summer day that we can. I love autumn. It is my favorite time of year, and I am lucky enough to live in a part of the world that does the season proud. But. This year has flown by with a speed that has me digging my heels in, trying to claim some time. Is it just me, or was it just winter a few weeks ago? I just am not quite ready to let go of summer just yet. So we're busy trying to squeeze the sunshine out of every last humid second of this season, savoring the warm days and lazy fun that goes along with it.

How about you? Is fall raging up on everyone this year? Or is it just me? Wishing everyone a few more lazy days of summer!


Deb said...

You're forgiven for not posting more. You've done some great things! I cannot imagine teaching myself how to crochet.

Karen said...

Ohmigosh, and you've been to Magiquest too? We totally planned our last vacation to get to the one in Myrtle Beach, SC. How have we not met in the blogosphere until now :-)

Your crocheted flowers are just lovely, the sort of thing I could not make my hands do with crochet, so I turned to knitting. Funny what makes us tick isn't it?

Sara said...

That looks like The Great Wolf Lodge - we've only been once but my kids keep clamoring to go back! It really is Kiddie Paradise. :)

candyn said...

Deb, I think I learned crochet out of sheer determination. Sick of getting helplessly lost in the middle of knitting patterns, but love working with yarn. I'm quite stubborn sometimes.

Karen, with all the different Magiquest locations in the world, it is possible to plan many vacations around it! We had so much fun. However, my husband and I feel the ultimate would be if someone created a Magiquest in a Renaissance Fair setting - that would fulfill our geeky vacation needs quite well. It is funny how small the blog world can feel, when really there are so many great people out there. Nice to 'meet' you. :0)

Sara, yes! Great Wolf Lodge. Do you have one near you too? It was almost overwhelming with so much to do, but very fun.

Melissa said...

What great reasons for not blogging!
You have a lovely little space on the web!