Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So much going on... So little blogging. :0)

That is how it usually goes around here, I think. The more I actually have to blog about, the less I am online to blog and read blogs. That and I've been obsessed with crocheting. It is hard to blog holding a crochet needle. Nothing fancy, lots of granny squares and flowers but soothing, soothing repetition and yarn. I heart yarn.

There are so many things I can blog about it is hard to narrow it down. Art I've received from others... Crafts I've created... Silly things my kids do to make me laugh... Big life stuff... Little life stuff... It all rolls around in my head when I try to narrow down a post, part of the reason I've avoided blogging for awhile I think. Hmmm... where to start?

I've been participating in a lot of swap-bot swaps lately, and I think all my recent swap partners have received their stuff so I can post pics here without risk of spoiling the surprise. I love swap-bot. I am not always active there, but when I am in the mood it is a ton of fun and a great way to meet fellow art/craft/mail addicts.

Matchbox Dotee Doll Swap
I wrapped the whole thing up in a vintage doily because my partner likes that sort of thing and I have plenty to spare around here thanks to a weird ebay thing I went through awhile back. I thought I would starch the doilies and use them like snowflakes for winter decorating ala Martha Stewart. Yeah, that hasn't happened. Time to purge. Makes pretty wrapping, no?

I crocheted a flower to decorate the matchbox using Divine Twine. Two addictions coming together to make my heart happy. Yarn, twine... What is it with me and colorful string?

I made my mini Dotee a fairy because of her small size. I need work on my embroidery skillz. They lack. But I try. Dotee Dolls are all the rage on Swap-bot. They are fun little creatures to make and trading them sort of gives purpose to creating these odd sweeties. :0)

Another Dotee... Spooky Halloween Swap

My partner likes Sookie Stackhouse, Buffy and Twilight so obviously a vampire was the only choice. 

And my favorite... 
Quarterly Art Doll Swap, September 2010
Here she is a work in progress. I built the armiture with wood and a paper mache egg. Ahhh... craft messes and ipod, a marriage made in heaven.

Yes, the Divine Twine again. I have it in the picture here for size perspective. I knit her outfit out of it too. No, I don't have a problem. I can stop whenever I want to, I just don't want to. She was the first thing that was hard to give away. My husband thinks she looks like me, so maybe I had a self-portrait sort of attachment to her.

Well, since she mimics my actual shape a bit too uncomfortably, maybe it isn't the self portrait thing that draws me to her. ;0) I just had a lot of fun making her.

Her face and feet were made out of paperclay. I heart paperclay. And it isn't string! A whole different sort of fiber entirely.

Well, that is quite enough for now I suppose. Hopefully I can sort my brain enough to bring something coherent to the table tomorrow. Now, off to try and catch up on the blogs in my google reader!

Happy Tuesday all!

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